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MMF: Saturn Apartments

I often watch kids, and being an adult myself, I can attest to the fact that transitioning into an adult is pretty hard. It is even more hard if parents are no longer there. After the death of his father, Mitsu takes over his job as a window cleaner. This is a slice of life story of how Mitsu develops and transitions into becoming an adult.

The surface of earth is no longer inhabited upon, so humans have evacuated to live in a gigantic apartment complex that surrounds the planet earth. Hence the title of Saturn Apartments fits, for earth has become a ringed planet, like one of most visually appealing gas planets in our solar systems.

A theme mentioned in the story is the socially stratified earth. The higher up the social material ladder earth inhabitants are, the more opportunity there is to get windows that would be cleaned by cleaners, who are generally in the lowest part of the social ladder. It is a dangerous job, that Mitsu takes on.

Saturn Apartments is slice of life Sigikki title of Viz, that has been a great surprise as well as an ongoing page turner for me. In 2012, Saturn Apartment happens to be nominated for an Eisner Award. I can’t help but think of just how difficult it is going to be in deciding the winners. In my opinion, Saturn Apartments is a strong contender. It has a imaginative thought up reality, rich character development, and it has brought tears to my eyes for its simple yet touching developments. A manga that is a good read alike for this title is Vertical’s Twin Spica.

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