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MMF: Concluding Thoughts on Sigikki

As an adult manga reader, I am a fan for what I can read that won’t be necessarily targeted toward teenagers. So I was quite happy to be able to read the variety that Sigikki books publishes. As a regular contributor toward Manga Movable Feasts, I am able to find myself in a crowd of like minded bloggers. With monthly scheduled feasts, and a sign of just how small the manga market is in English, there are undoubtedly titles that would get repeated time and again. Staring at the list of what Kate mentioned as titles has me mentally thanking my libraries to be able to stock a majority of Sigikki titles.

Like many of the other feasts, at times I wished that there was more opportunity to write more. I can pretty much recommend and talk with friends about titles to seriously consider. My top choices from this imprint would be: Black Lagoon, Bokurano Ours, Kingyo’s Used Books, solanin, Gente, Saturn Apartments, Oishinbo, and Pluto.

The following is going to be a link recap of what I was able to have written in the past and on this blog that would fit for this month’s MMF, but otherwise would be redundant in mentioning it for inclusion into the archive.

La Quinta Camera
Maison Ikkoku

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