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Obligatory Aniblog Tourney Post

It appears as though this year’s Aniblog Tourney happens to include this blog among its contenders. Though I am unsure as to how my blog winds up in the latter part of the ranking/seeding. I am in Group 4, and going against other blogs that won from a previous round.

This is going to be my post to consider what makes my blog a work-in-progress, and probable contender, though I like the idea of more thoughtful comments, though I am going to say that I am pretty bad on keeping up with my queue of blogs to read.

Whether vote for my blog is your call. I do happen to like to talk a lot, though not on this blog, although Comments and not bot spam are quite appreciated…

When I first got notified of being included part of the Tourney via Twitter, I personally asked fellow Tweeters/friends on their opinion. @Gendomike was one of them had positive things to say, so Anime Diet is here also. ^_^

This blog lasted longer than the five year mark, though I am pretty bad at remembering dates, and fail to recall/muse/celebrate the anniversary of this blog. I have been blogging for over ten years, and this wordpress blog began an a graduate school’s  extra credit assignment.

Animemiz is a user handle that I have kept with me, that I went even more into Twitter with. However my interest have went beyond anime, to go more into mainly manga/book talking. I am currently using this blog as a overflow place.. for personal projects like Manga Movable Feast, personal movie reviews, or talk about ebooks, or talk about origami. Topics that otherwise wouldn’t be written for Anime Diet or Anime.com or JLHLS.

Posts I particularly find myself feeling warm fuzzy feelings of memories.. other than personal ones.

Aria MMF
What are ATC’s?
Anime Girls: Arale
Utada Concert 
Photography Final

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