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Some origami thoughts and notes.

February 16, 2013 Leave a comment

I am going to end up just doing this as a post, since I am trying to think about where to put it all in one subjective spot. I can rely on Evernote, but somehow I just want to collect my notes and thoughts. Recently I have been pretty passive as a folder, though I still have these two cards to send to two friends.

On the O-list, there has been news that British origami folder David Lister passed away. Prior to his death, he has wrote many things about the history of origami, so BOS has created a page with many of his writings. The Lister List.

On top of the Creating Origami book, I got recently. Book wishlist.. I want to get Tom Hulls Project Origami second ed. In ebook there is the paper version I can purchase. I met Tom Hull before, and I would like to take a class with him again. I’ll think about it.

Origami folders, I believe keep notes of their own or websites. Came across this page recently, and I am reminded that there are great people out there. Great page for an essay about diagramming any origami, and an amusing story about folding paper mouses. I like her writing about visually impaired folders as well. Also as a folder, I am always interested to see what solutions other people have to carry paper.. so a display book huh.. I use boxs and cans.. soo. interesting. ^_^

Some food for thoughts from Meenakshi Mukerji about Komiyas Dahlia and variation.

LOL.. this flash game led to a plenty of discussion on the list on how to achieve 100%

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