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Cancer and Alcohol…

March 1, 2009 6 comments

Texas: In Our Lifetime


Woe is for the fair sex… well bad luck for the female gender… grrrr…. This reaction blog is kinda late.. but arghh!!! I was pissed when I saw this news report. Another wretched reason for cursing out gender inequality…sure I believe that the male gender is a mutation of the female gender… in terms of chromosomes… but how is it women get the short end of the stick!

We live in a patralinial society, with rarely any chance for women getting the pay equality of men, unless you count of celebrities like Oprah or Brittney Spears who support their men.

The female gender has to go thru menopause, mood swings, feeling insignificant to men in terms of social standing.. don’t you think I don’t remember those skanks who I see in those paper think outfits in sub-artcie weather looking to get drunk and have fun?

Well I’ll still drink the same as I drink… and cancer is a risk that probably needs to be taken in order of drinking something. So I say “Ha” to this medical study!

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One Piece: Thriller Bark Arc Impressions

December 26, 2008 Leave a comment

After countless episodes, where I did not cover the arc at all…here’s a stab at my impressions, before they grow stale. I am not going to cover the entire series, but give stabs and jabs at them. I expect that either the person who would read this, is either a fan and have seen the series like I have.. or not.. there is always Wikipedia, as a friend of mine points out.

The anime covers Thriller Bark from episode 337-377. I am including when they enter Thriller Bark, to where Zoro takes a stand against Bartholomew Kuma. This is an arc that basically had no ending theme, but recently has began a new theme song, a remix of “We Are“… after 10+ episodes of listening to “Jungle P.”


I looked at the entry and thought that it looked a little too bleak, so I stuck in one of my favorite screen shots.. can anyone figure out which part this is?

In the Thriller Bark arc, the Mugiwara Kaizoku-dan find themselves against one of the 7 warlords, Gecko Moria – who has the devil fruit powers to steal shadows, and with the assistance of Dr. Hogback, enlivens corpses (zombies) as minions. Moria uses his power to steal Luffy, Sanji, Zoro, and Robin’s shadows. The rundown of who the crew fought in this arc.

Chopper – Dr. Hogback
Ussop- Perona
Zoro- Ryuuma
Nami – Absalom
Sanji- Absalom
Luffy – Oz

Robin, Franky and Brooks were around, but they didn’t have any major enemies to face, so they stood and help.

There was this one particular episode where the crew was fighting against Oz, while waiting for Luffy; Franky was with Usopp and Chopper. They wanted to merge together, much like a mobile suit with Franky as the heart. Sanji and Zorro were the legs, Chopper was the helmet. Robin and Ussop were the arms…and Robin refused to join them saying it was too ugly to picture it… even Oz was sad that the attack didn’t happen. That was a truly funny scene.

Toward the end of the arc, in the post fight scene Brook recounts his past, and it was pretty sad. Next arc will probably be when they meet up with Right now the crew is on route to the Mermaid island. The last episode I saw brought the return of Foxy the Silver Fox.. what a nuisance.. >_<

The next major arc is the Sabaody Archipelago arc.

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Chopper = DBZ Love right?

December 15, 2008 Leave a comment

Last month, in the company of my normal crew of friends. I was at Kino, when I saw this and of course.. being impatient of waiting for the Chopper x Dragon Ball 40th Anniversary Cell Phone Charms, I went and purchased these.  So I am now the owner of these figurines… pretty interesting, and so I contemplate on finishing my Cell Phone Charm Collection of the Chopper x Dragon Ball ones. I do know they have them at Kino.. so I will make my way to it probably this upcoming Friday, and purchase them. Woe of anime fan.. always purse broke.. take a look at this… any thoughts? My friends and the staff at Kino certainly thought it was astounding that a fan girl will purchase all these in one shot..

Also have that lovely DBZxOP notebook, that I got from Jlist, that is nearby… >_<


Need to write that impression of Thriller Bark soon.. >_<

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One Piece: Episode of Chopper + Fuyu ni Saku, Kiseki no Sakura (Movie 9)

December 11, 2008 2 comments

All right.. all right..graduate school, and trying to live have sucked all my inspiration to write much on the One Piece topic, so I must push myself to write more of this series.

one-piece-movie-9 Read more…

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Chi’s Sweet Home

October 26, 2008 2 comments

This is a sweet 104 episode series, that is for EVERY cat lover. I learned about this series from Otakon 2008, and as a cat owner – I can see the resemblance of Chi to when my Tommy was young as well. Each episodes are roughly around 2.30 minutes long. Thirty seconds for the opening, but I love the feline thoughts of Chi and said aww a lot – as I see her develop in relationships with the world around her. Any other thoughts?


Well I actually brought some merchandise for Chi, so for my wish list I would love to purchase Stationary and more merchandise… so I will definitely be on the look out for that.

I love seeing her with Blackie, so here’s an image I capped.

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One Piece 362 Musings..

July 18, 2008 Leave a comment

Logically I should be doing an episode review, complete with screen caps, but I can’t get over the fact of how cool Zolo’s sword fights are and how dramatically complicated they are. Dramatic in how flowery attack power phases being used. Flowery attack phrases.. hmm I guess if people would see series like Soul Eater, Bleach or Sakura Taisen, then there would be the usage of these phrases. It does seem funny to see how fansubs would translate it, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

As a fan I don’t get that anime exposure, other than the anime fansubs I download, so i am very grateful for fansubs being around.

Yep so in this episode.. Zolo fights with Brook’s shadow who’s body is a former famous swordsman, similar to Zolo. The amount of power is so cool looking, and the experessions of Franky and Brooks is comic relief.

Similarly in the previous episode with Ussop fighting Perona, let’s just do a big eww.. for the cockroaches.. as the episode ends, though Perona is scared to fainting point.

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Loner or group?

June 23, 2008 1 comment

As a fan of Japanese related cultures products (Anime, Manga, Video Games, Cosplay, Fandoms). There was this small thought in the back of my mind. Are you a loner or a group member? I am not sure how to answer this question, so warning on this being a minor rant.

As a fan of anime – an otaku or hikikomori or fujoshi if you must label.. does your hobby make it more isolated for people to communicate with others? I know that the Round Robin discussed this in a round, but as I read my feed reader, I read this entry and some other entries on the past weekend’s Anime Next con – my question is being an Anime fan an isolating experience for anyone who would care to comment?

Personally I haven’t joined up with any anime club aside from high school. At high school, I met three people, that I still meet on a weekly basics. Every one else in that group dispersed into the winds, with occasional brief periods of reunions.

My undergrad college didn’t have any anime club, so I was mostly by myself when I watched anime, and it perpetuate into a pattern. Then as I moved back to my mother’s house, other than the weekly excursions to meet up with Mina, Aya, Matsuri, and Kero, I am not a part of any group.

I refuse to join up with my graduate college’s anime club, because of the distance away from home and how out of place I feel in that group.

Still I count myself lucky to be a part of a community where there are Japanese bookstores, Mitsuwa and Astor Place nearby. Also am happy for the various cultural events nearby.

So this is a minor rant and exploration.

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Anime and Smoking

June 18, 2008 11 comments

Just inhale and breath, that’s how to smoke a cigarette right? Let’s just say this post came about, because of personal frustrations.. and wanting to find a cigarette to maybe appear cooler. Can’t because smoking is bad for one’s health and because it is so expensive to light up one these days. The price they make you pay is definitely not a productive way to even begin, or continue.

I smoked for a very short period during college, and that habit was quashed. The guilt you have to pick up a cigarette and light it is enormous.

Society and people certainly doesn’t promote it well, I received so much mixed messages. You see public ads all over the place, denouncing the consequences of smoking. Yet in anime, there is still those few characters that smoke and for me. It appears cool, in spite of the health hazard it creates. Arggh!!

These are anime characters I see smoking and to make this needless rant, purposeful on this blog.

Non pictured characters I imagine, would include Kenji from Neon Genesis Evangelion, Yuko from xxxHolic, Faye and Spike from Cowboy Bebop, Ryo from City Hunter among other characters. I wonder if there’s any other anime character that fits the bill of smoking and looking so cool.

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