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Cosplay and the beginning of Otakon 2009 waiting..

July 5, 2009 Leave a comment

Technically as a New Yorker, I should have started to count my Summer convention season since Anime Next, but nah, it would have to be Otakon. Let’s see my convention schedule mostly for this year and last, was New York Comic Con, Book Expo, New York Anime Festival, and that’s about it. So my only out of state convention is Otakon. It is actually a goal of mine to eventually go to Anime Expo and Anime Boston, but who knows. This year’s Otakon is my third time going, and second year as press, plus with a Twitter Meet up, that is pretty exciting.

Also because this year, they’re having MELL!


So I am set for my waiting for her appearances at Otakon. Well will also try and see Becca and Wakishima Kannon. But yep.. am waiting.

Now what does this got to do with cosplay?

I really appreciate good cosplay, and as an amateur photographer. I like to take cosplay photography. I really wish that I can also have the time, patience to even get my act together to dress up. I have two cosplay friends that I look up to, and at the moment – even though they are not in the states, both of them at the land of the rising sun at the moment. I always think about the day I will cosplay as Arale Normaki!

Still I alwas think about a pesdo-cosplay, it worked slightly last year, but the attempt for kinda lack luster. Still I appreciate good cosplay tips, and I found it while reading through my 1000+ Google Reader.

Cosplay Body Tips – covering that Tattoo

Cosplay Survival Bag

Interesting reads for a would be cosplayer! There are some more blog entries about cosplay tips at Otaku Review.. ^_^

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Thought on con etiquette on recieving a Japanese celebrity guest…panel or autograph?

February 28, 2009 Leave a comment


Okay the picture might not fit, but this is a thought that struck me, I remember reading this as a thread on the Otakon Bulletin Board.

The background is this, Japanese seiyuu’s, musical guests are invited and attending American conventions. This is a great treat for con goers… and Otakon has delivered.

Japanese guests, or convention planners would really appreciate fans going to their panels, as oppose to waiting for their autograph. Perhaps that’s an ungrateful sign?

Sure you can auction off the signed items, but if you are a fan you keep it and chalk it up as a positive con going experience.

My impression is this…. attend one of their panels, and then wait like hell for their autograph session, in hopes that you can attend both. You can meet and say thank you to the guest, with the assistance of the interpreter. It is more of a personalized experience than trying to stand out from the crowd in the panel.

I found my experience attending autograph sessions a little hectic, and trying, as with the chance to get the autographs get cut, if you arrive too late for that event, and my pet peeve on waiting and lines.

Still I would probably implore people to choose to attend events, when the guests are going, so that is a way to show support.. and then thank them in person, upon going to get their autographs.. as well as bringing them a token gift for their return home.. I believe it is a good reminder for Japanese guests to realize that they have an international following..  So that is my resolution for prepping for Otakon this year…. get something more thoughtful for a guest that I may be a fan for.

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Proper personal closure to Otakon 2008

September 9, 2008 Leave a comment

All right, I realize I completely forgot about putting a perspective of Otakon here as I wrote in previous Otakon 2008 posts. Well in a month being overdue and with Fall semester underway and my posts on NYAF, why beat the dead horse of Otakon 2008? Well because I am feeling like jumping on the bandwagon and doing a final personal perspective post for Otakon 2008 – so there.

I got lazy because, one I was so wiped out by the con and two I wrote a two-part con report for JLHLS – which a friend called it dry and so I was feeling kinda bad. Now as a recap and as a memory cap, I am writing here – one month late. I attended the convention as press, so my philosophy was that if I were to write a report – have to report facts. I didn’t want to introduce emotion to things like that. Read more…

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Day 1 of Otakon..

August 8, 2008 Leave a comment

OMG.. I am so tired.. well this is a short recap of the day… went from 8:45am until 10:45pm… sat thru 5 1/2 panels, conked out at the last one, went for a run at the dealer’s room.. got some swag. Then later headed over to the Jam Concert.. which was pretty off the wall, except I couldn’t see… took over 300 pictures, will recap later on JLHLS and here, but just ranting now…. meeting up with friend tomorrow for a photo shoot.

Reminder do not bring laptop tomorrow.. >_< … My arms are so sore..

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At Baltimore – Otakon Semi-Day 0-Day 1

August 7, 2008 1 comment

Made it to Baltimore in one piece, very humid conditions. Attendance this years, seems higher than last year. Pretty excited… didn’t wait in long lines at all, but wondering about tomorrow. Ahhh..

Made some new friends, feeling kinda shy – missing my friends in NYC. Need to meet up with one or two friends tomorrow. Life is nice.. the hotel is nice.. just worrying about foot traveling tomorrow.. it is going to be a long day tomorrow. I’ll be doing a recap, semi-stuffed with pictures- plastering over the web – flickr,, JLHLS…some LJ thoughts.. etc.

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Tomorrow this time..will be in Baltimore..

August 6, 2008 Leave a comment

There I said it!!!!

But oh my… still so much to do.. Have the clothes as a suitcase ready, some autograph stuff to take… but need to drop by 42nd street today for several things.. run to HSBC ATM, purchase rechargeble batteries, Asahiya for One Piece cd or something, for one and then rush home to pack my personal book bag of electronic gizmos.

Won’t be able to review much this weekend, other than ebooks, so got that covered… need to think about where to get food… throwing in my luggage a box of cereal, so need to get milk from that supermarket… hmm..

Thoughts and more thoughts!!!!!!!!!

Need to finalize my questions for a potential interview…

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Food- Discounts for Otakon members…

August 6, 2008 2 comments

I just got wind of this release.. not so helpful, since I imagine I will be stocking it up at that supermarket nearby…. local business catering to the hordes of people. Is it worth it to visit these places?

Discounts at local restaurants for Otakon Members

California Tortilla
300 W Pratt St
Baltimore, MD 21201


Teavolve Cafe & Lounge
Harbor East
1401 Aliceanna St
Baltimore, MD

are offering 10% discounts to Otakon attendees who show their Otakon member badges during Otakon (Aug 8th-10th).

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Prep for Otakon 2008

August 6, 2008 Leave a comment

Edited August5

Discussed some possibilities.. with a friend of mine.. who is not going to Otakon.. and this is a more tentative/finalized schedule.

Maybe if I can ask if sildentdeath’s schedule’s different from mine to go and visit some things.. well if that’s the case… then things can get stiff then.. Read more…

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