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Some manga collecting thoughts, and Comic Book Store Tie-in.

March 22, 2012 Leave a comment

I just saw this on Johanna’s website who in turn got it from ICV2, and decided to elaborate more on my thoughts of it over here.. based on my own experiences as a manga consumer. This post is going to filled with some of my running ideas, as I elaborate on my comments over at Johanna’s website, which is running the Jiro Taniguchi MMF this week.

When manga consumers want “unworkable or selfishly cheap” ideas that Comic book stores can’t fulfill, then it is chalked up as a lost cause by both the comic book stores, and the manga consumers themselves. We would never see the glass cases, filled with limited or out of print goods, because:

  1. We’re not Japan.
  2. The people who purchased those out of print goods would hold onto it (in their own glass cases no less).
  3. It probably gets thrown into the trash.
  4. The value of a title gets assessed differently.
  5. English manga industry is not as established as the Japan.

In all aspects, manga is a printed paper good, so imagine how much newspapers are thrown out every year. What is the value of a manga? I sell back my manga at lower than retail prices to BookOff or when-they’ll-take-it-Strand. Many of the manga I sell are out of print works. I still see plenty of books gracing the shelves of Bookoff by the way. If there was were an available English copy… what value of that book is sold at?

There is the generous option of giving it to friends, or even donating it to the library, where most probably it would be sold at book sales of their own.

What type of limited goods are there? An autograph maybe? There are glass cases in Japanese bookstores like Mandarake, filled with out of print or rare products, all available for a price. But then there are also chances that these goods become garbage at homes. The life spans of paper goods are not going to be forever, and the value is in the information themselves.

Comic bookstores like Japanese bookstores, understand the marketing value of products. It is a very short life span. They rapidly take in and sell products. If it can help them sell a product, then they would keep a particular sign. If not then, what’s the use of keeping it? (There’s a product line of One Piece American produced action figures at Kinokuniya, I wonder how long is it going to be there before it gets sold or moves somewhere else in the store.) To amass a collection that is a shrine of sorts, is a consumers or museum’s own assessment on what to keep or preserve.

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Twitter Follow Friday. ^_^

October 18, 2010 Leave a comment

I am piggy backing on @mbeasi‘s nifty blogging things at this moment. The post is quite late… >_<  So I am going to do a personal roll call for people’s tweets that has recently within the past two months led me to actually go and learn something more about a personalized favorite subject. Whether it is in Japanese culture relevancy, or manga or just all around coolness factor, as often reading these Tweets can perk up a day on the net.

@michaelpinto – He tweets with categories that disseminates Twitter even more into richer metadata. There’s not a lot of subjects I can really gleam from, but on the occasional posting about these lesser known Japanese works, technology and gadget news. I find myself sometimes mentally fangirling. ^_^

@hisuiRT– Sarcastic and witty, hisuiRT has became a pretty nifty person to speak to on Twitter. He tweets a lot about specific anime/manga/hobby topics. What I definitely like from his tweets is the personality and probably multiple-facted quirks you can get him to talk to you about. He is one half of Reverse Thieves and RT are running a anime Secret Santa at this moment.

@debaoki -Continually tweeting about new manga, or her wine trips, she is often the person to definitely retweet if you wan to learn about manga news/industry in the United States. She is immensely knowledgeable about gathering a niche focus group together, and continually I see her as a center person to refer back on. She writes for

@edsizemore -As a networking strong presence for specific manga/comic reviews, that he champions. There is his tweets, and podcasts. His tweets are often insightful, and sometimes though provoking. I look forward to reading his varied reactions to graphic novels. He writes as part of Comics worth reading.

@yuricon – She’s always mentions various topics that are either on industry, social media, graphic novels news, or LGBT rights relevance. I find her tweets educational and definitely re-tweet-able. She writes pro-yuri and female liberalism blog entries on Okazu.

So reading this list, you may or may not follow these people… but since they tweet consistently and frequently on the net on topics that I find quite interesting, I definitely find their tweets consistently something to follow up on.

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Following up on Mushishi from April’s MMF…

May 4, 2010 Leave a comment

So April is over, and May has happened. I skipped out on Sakura Matsuri this year at Brooklyn Botanical Garden, saw some shots that my friend took.

I recently participated on a podcast, Ed Sizemore’s follow up to his round up of entries about Mushishi, the manga, including mine. This podcast is the second time I actually was on one. The first one did not make it past the cutting board, and now this one. I am going to be calling the kettle black if I don’t confess that I didn’t hear myself go off on a tangent, that people didn’t understand, and for that I profess my sincere apologies. Thanks to Ed for giving that opportunity.

One of these days need to finalize my thoughts about Mushishi, but all experiences surrounding this title are good ones. I have to confess that I haven’t read Mushishi since January, and I was seriously thinking about the anime while I was doing the podcast. I kept on thinking of remarks, and then my mind wandered, and I was like, what was my train of thought again?

I can only say if anyone wants to hear me on podcast, I will try my best. Since all I can say is practice makes perfect.

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Narita Airport Video and Travel.

November 7, 2009 Leave a comment

Ahh so I was going on my way reading through my blog, when I saw that Japan Probe actually did an entry that had me say.. Nostalgic.. that’s right a way to navigate through Narita Airport to travel into Tokyo. Ever since I came back from Japan, I have been a fan for their Suica card system, since it travels with Tokyo Metro and JR. Passmo can only travel within the Tokyo Metro, and I for one would say that travel within Japan is not for the faint hearted, it cost money, and definitely this video would be a great reference for those going to Japan for the first time.

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Mai Waifu image shots.. a follow up….

October 18, 2009 Leave a comment

aoi hana

Well because it appears that I was lazy enough, and forgot to include pictures of mai waifu.. here is a follow up to my Yoroshiku delayed list..

You can call it yuri tendencies or not. LOL. (FYI, if you’re coming in from this blog, go back to Yoroshiku to see the text.. hahahaha)… but Pictures are under the cut.. Read more…

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Google Reader.. weeding and what not..

October 6, 2009 Leave a comment

Well as I was thinking and thinking some more on what to write about on my blog, I updated my professional blog, and now this. I am probably going to weed through my feeds soon..

1-Because it is not compatible with Google Reader.. do you realize how annoying it is to see this icon every time? As I skim through my Google Readers.. there are so many other blogs to look through. Now this is not meant to be an insult.. but yes will have to cut this type of blog out.


2-This is definitely a mark against Google, and the rampant linking 0r discrediting of people who upload, and then get their images taken, however because time is definitely money, this is not so good.. well as a reader, must try and manage my time. Hm.

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Response to Koje Oe’s “Giving recognition where it’s due”

August 15, 2009 2 comments

Okay I normally don’t get that annoyed by blogs entry, and I read/skim a lot of them via Google Reader, but this has to be shooting yourself in the foot, and opening up a can of gunpowder. I reminded myself on what is considered blog etiquette before writing something like this.

The blog entry in question is this.

This is where I find issue with… and I decided to write a blog entry, because I figure my comments would be a little too much text for the response box. Plus blogs have a trick called linked back.. so if I referred on my entry, their blog entry, then yes the original writer will be able to access this entry.

I don’t read anime blogs. I don’t read your blog. I don’t like your blog because you might write 1 entry that month that I might actually read. I hate all the blogs on animenano (maybe that’s the problem) because they’re completely boring, and not relevant to my interests.

One – If you don’t read anime blogs, then you must follow some news so that you get updated with Anime news… if you read one entry that month. Then isn’t that reading an anime blog then?
Two -Are you trying to flame someone, because as a reader of anime blogs myself, I have taken the courtesy of time to look through your blog as well. While my commenting habit might be rusty, don’t use strong words as a way to downplay your blog.
Three – I see that you have J-list’s “Friends of J-List” Affiliate Program, so isn’t that then a characteristic of a Japanese lover, or one that blogs anime topics? Because as I read the information page, people actually can earn commission for showing that ad. So you’re earning money off of something that can be considered a hobby.
Four – Anime Nano, is something that can be sifted through, and while yes, there are blogs that may seem redundant, it actually is not your decision to say otherwise. I have discovered blogs that are getting pretty big names out there in the anime blogosphere, and to hear you belittle that makes me feel annoyed.
Five – It is a matter of preference, and some bloggers may need improvement, while I don’t count myself out of this loop. It is a matter of opinion.. and while this make be a statement you make to introduced Canned Dog’s blog, then pretty callous opinionated words. Not everyone can be like Danny Choo or other famed anime blogs… so don’t kid yourself.
Six-Blogging, and writing is an activity that is worked upon, so remember your audience and who you are actually writing to. Writing styles are actually different, and for the reader to have a preference to read various styles of blogs, then that is for their choice to make.

I can’t really write any more than this, and to actually think about this coherently at 5am is wearing. Last perspective to say, pretty much take a grain of salt with every reading experience, but try to keep an opinions to yourself, and if you don’t like a writing style then yes – don’t read it… But don’t contradict yourself.. sheesh…

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Response to AnimeNation Anime News Blog » Blog Archive » CNN Video ‘Recession hits anime’

August 2, 2009 2 comments

AnimeNation Anime News Blog » Blog Archive » CNN Video ‘Recession hits anime’.

What to say about this article?

Recession should be hard for anyone..

General reasons for myself is money and factors of not wanting to listen to dubs.  Still for the Japanese ones, piracy is an issue anywhere.

If I had the money in the world, I will be purchasing imported DVD’s like a fiend.. but that is to be seen.

Any side products from series that I like, will see my support, but it is quite sad to see how much money those animators earn.

When I was in Japan I saw cels being sold for a pricy amount, and worth even more if the main animator signature was on it. Now I think about artist aquaintances, and just think I need to go and finish writing a review soon..

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