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Oh wow.. a Goku Funeral… >_< Oh and some more Dragon Ball thoughts.

April 18, 2009 8 comments

Okay I just got saw post regarding about Goku’s “funeral.” This news clip is from Gia courtesy of Twitter courtesy of AnimeVice.. what a mouthful… as a homage to Akira Toriyama-sensei’s work, these European fans are holding a semi-funeral for that man… even thought I am not a big fan of Dragon Ball per se as much as I am for Dr. Slump, still it is a work of Toriyama-sensei that I will want to mention about.

I am very sure so many people in America will waste their money to go see how bad this version of Dragon Ball is. But this is to just appease the big wigs in Hollywood to try and bastardize another great anime.. I am right now thinking of doing a voodoo on the fact that Full Metal Panic never gets mainstream.. and that would be great news to me.

Still I am declaring this again. I am not going to go see Dragon Ball, so the box office won’t see my support for this incredibly horrible movie!

Oh afterwards I went and saw some more Youtube videos regarding about reviews for the movie. Before and After preceptions. I believe I remember reading that a lot of people are going to go see this movie drunk.

Right now going to go see the original opening sang by the fabulous Prince of Anime/Tokusatsu Songs Hironobu Kageyama to try and get the stench of this live action movie out of my head, and to bring the focus back to the anime version.

I can actually remember fondly last summer at Otakon to when Kageyama-san actually asked me about where I got that Jam Project cd to sign for my friend. Also remember when he sang that song in the concert, that I actually sang along, because the lyrics were so familiar.

Oh here.. .because of Kairu’s suggestions here.. a rendition from Konata of Lucky Star.

And another.. now this I never seen before… >_<

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Blogging and an idea…probably a small musing post.

April 17, 2009 2 comments


Somehow I don’t know how fast the day went by, I have been on my laptop since this afternoon. Sat through the Noon Edition, 5:00 Edition and 6:00 Editions of the local news. I know Spring Break and wow. They were mentioing so much on the new Yankee Stadium opening day.. that I was like.. boo…

Well during those times I took a slight break to call and speak with an old professor of mine. Found out that I was late in registering as a matriculated student for the fall semester.. but no bother. I am still going to start for that second masters in the Fall come hell or high water. Called the college, and made a statement of intention to go with my credit card next week to apply as a non matriculated student.

Been also staring at this blog, and thinking what can I do in writing an entry, and while I looked over Danny Choo’s latest article. Took a very long time thing read through it. Thought.. that man he must love to show what he loves to eat. But that is his type of article.

Then after a while of scanning thru Anime Nano for other blogs who mentioned about ideas on blogging and anime blogging in general. I kinda liked those, since focusing on writing is something I truly try to improve on. One of my friend keeps on telling me to not beat myself all the time about my wriitng – since it is not the best. But must move on, and practice, practice, practice.

I want to post a link to Otaku Dan’s mos recent blog entry on why blog. I thought about the aspect of blogging for themselves. While I certainly am not thinking about the fame aspect, since staring at Danny Choo’s networking is kinda daunting. There are aspects of preening… and then some.

I don’t want to always repeat what the other people like to blog about. Since it seems so redundent, that you get lost in a crowd, but then as I look at my blog stats. I wonder if what I talk about is a little too obscure? Still I digress.. since this is my blog and I do want to make it more of an extension of what is mine. So mostly my blogging thoughts are: do I feel like writing thoughts, or do I write information?

Now then I started to read thru Otaku Dan’s category of Blogging.. and found that I really like this entry as well on Blogging Etiquette. Also another aspect about this post. To prevent blog burn out… one must take a break sooner or later. I certianly do that all the time. But then taking a look at the comments, I have this thought – I don’t know how anyone would have ready posts on the side, but as I personally I stare at my own list of 18 drafts.. I think hmm.. must write them sooner or later.

After starring about this blog for about an hour now, must have to conclude this post sooner or later, so I’ll sign off here. ^_^

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Episodic Reviews.. to do or not to do -that is the question?

April 14, 2009 2 comments

– Melody – Realize

web_surfing_by_transplantedyouthOkay inspiration for this entry was because of reading this entry. I have been reading enough blogs every semester to actually know the dedication that many animebloggers has, and this was one of my original reasons for starting this blog, but because of certain reasons I stopped.

One was because of some odd reasons – episodic blogging and the scope of it, messed up my Categories. Mostly it was my fault, I got too obsessed with trying to figure out order.. and that backfired on me. There’s still an open forum thread asking for support… which wasn’t resolved as I wanted. It got too much of a headache to try and figure out the answer.

Two  was because the blogging of each episode got too much of a chore, as I did those screen caps and impressions.I fell behind, and that was depressing. Blogging wasn’t fun then. Oh it can be like this, but then wouldn’t that block a lot of potential animes? Since it’s been a while, I have been going back to the older animes I never got the chance to see, and then rewatching them. Case in point -marathoning Kamichu at the moment for me.  However because I watch so many old anime on a marathon basics, keeping track, and trying to list them in MAL is one of the harder things for me to do. I look at that list occasionally and wonder hope people can keep up with updating that list.

Three was because it became too much to try and figure out what exactly is good enough to blog? Everyone is going to say oh you’re blogging the same anime series that everyone else is doing, so why bother? My solution for that now, was to go to various blogs and then comment there. It creates community that way. But I always wonder, when there was that one exact epsiode, would it help to blog about it? So reading this blog entry made me think of some more things.

It’ll probably end sooner or later, the Spring 2009 season, but I saw this and this and think of a possibility.

I am contemplate on starting again… should I or not? I do observe enough blogs and their ideas on categorizing the entries, to think about beginning it again. Otherwise there final impressions, but the bad thing now is that I will probably parrot a lot of people… so this idea is still out for the count. Will be contemplating on the matter some more.

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Some thoughts on Brad Rice’s posts on Danny Choo as guest editor. Warning on random thoughts…

April 14, 2009 4 comments


Okay one of the things I do online is to go and read of other blogs, and I noticed this as an interesting point, with the self-defined Otaku Danny Choo’s site is something I occasionally like to go to, and to see that Brad Rice was the guest editor for a week, that was kinda interesting.. and wanted to share some random thoughts.I kinda lurked there, more so than on Japanator, since commeting is something that I am working on.

Last year when I went to the New York Anime Festival, I attended this panel regarding about Anime and Manga Journalism, and I saw Brad Rice there, I thought he said the same thing he spoke about when he wrote about blogging, and what makes a good writer. Trying to have a voice, now that is kinda difficult. I myself had have that issue, but then I see that other bloggers talk about issues on writing.

Then another aspect that he wrote about in this entry. In regards to Hollywood bringing over any anime to film, Death Note should have a good chance, given its already live action treatment with its three Japanese movies already.. and if what he said about Sunrise being really strict with Cowboy Bebop, they better. That is another live action treatment I really have high hopes for unlike the treatment for Full Metal Panic.

His experiences on speaking Japanese here and here, is kinda of like reading this blog for me. I am going to probably have some more regrets about learning Japanese as what Koji Oe said. I am quite worried at the moment, given that my trip to Japan is fast approaching. If I can make it without my mom nagging me to pack, then all is good at the moment. Still I realized that as the time comes, I will have to take Japan as it comes. I probably won’t be that prepared to go, but since I did that leap – rather have the travel experiences to make it more handy for my will on learning Japanese, which I am sad to say that among many of my female friends like Aya, 801megane, Silent Death, Hinano, my attempts is actually not the best. A lot of things intimidate me, and learning Japanese formally is one of the top ones. Life goal is for me to actually be able to read a Japanese manga without being too old and feeble.

Haruki Murakami’s The Wind-up Bird Chronicle is also on my giantic mental list of book to read. I know it is somewhere in my apartment, but if I can find a space to display all my books, then I wouldn’t have to have live in this cramped NYC apt for years now do I?  I call this apartment a black hole, where I lose everything I buy into it. If I can find AJ Jacobs book before Book Expo, then I don’t need to go buy an extra copy then!

Exercise – something that is greatly needed in a lot of people’s lives. Now if there was more reason to get off your ass to walk – then the power be with you. Of course it is easier for a lot of people to write excuses, like self  than head out. I kinda wish that I didn’t chicken like I did last summer at Governor’s Island, with the option to bike. I still do wonder if there is a better option for leanring how to bike, without a need for training wheels. >_<

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Amazon annoyance.. a late complaint…

April 12, 2009 1 comment


Okay this morning as I woke, up I noticed that Twitter was talking about it. Not really knowing the details I didn’t pay it much heed, and went on a Sunday walk with my family and friends in Central Park.

Fast forward to now.. as I checked my Google Reader, my friend 801megane shared this news with me, and as I got all in arms about it… Tiamat also said this.. so the thing blew pretty over, but I figure I can chim in some late thoughts.

This situation reminded me of a filtering thing, that someone probably thought it would protect the eyes of the “children” a bit more, with filtering the materials in question. That is censorship thought, and for people who censor without much warning, must be stoned and then hung out to be feathered and tar!

Trying to censor the web in a place like the United States, and that is not like China blocking the web should just be arrested for violating freedom of speech. It will piss off a lot of people, and that is a big no no in my book. If there is such concern about internet, then it is the responsibility of people in charge of the young to moderate… and as I see now. Amazon will probably back away from this, or face repercussion.

Good thing I ordered my latest Dale Lazarov art book recently, although yesterday as I was searching for Manly a book that I purchased from Amazon, it didn’t show up exactly, until I typed in the author’s name. Today as I search for the same book thought, it came up under the category of books. I was wondering what was happening, but until the “glitch” can be fixed.. we’ll see what happens.

Oh yep there is a link to explaining what the tag #amazonfail means. Thanks also to @moritheil and @Tiamats_reviews for filling me in on this issue some more.. ahhh the power of networking is really cool!

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Genshiken Official Book Review and a Response to Ask John

April 10, 2009 2 comments


Okay.. spent a while typing up this review for JLHLS, so I will cross post it over here…. since there are some reasons why I would do that.

One: This is a series that I find myself thinking every anime lover should at least try to see.. this is akin to people getting into either Lucky Star or The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Those are two series, that for the life of me -cannot get into. But to enjoy this slice of life anime, has its own rewards.

Two: This is a book I would try to give JP, next time I see him or Hinano. I saw that he had the other book in this series, and so as a fan of this series, would think that this book would have a better home. I blame the librarian in me, and with the way that my mom is constanly harping on me to get rid of books, what can I say – more space for other books!

Three: It is a rare occasion that I would even make the mention of my real name, unless I think the whole world is a stalker bunch. But my feveret desire to pitch this as a Genshiken fan must have – knows no bounds.

I could have easily thrown out the Japanator link, since my review is kinda late.. but with JLHLS’s easy schedule, and my identity as a reveiwer myself – there are times that I must roll up my sleeves to get on that soapbox.

Another thought on my mind is a response to Ask John via the Anime Nation blog. I read his blog on my google reader, and while there are sometimes of his posts that make me roll my eyes, and think of less polite things to mentally say, some of his posts make me want to get on a post, case in point, this recent post he wrote.


Obviously the question is from an American viewer who is worried about the trend of watching Japanese Animation in America on television, and John surely hits on the fact that so many anime bloggers, have blogged about the recent seasons of anime.

One thing I would have to say, is probably what I see with the recent release of Naruto. Not everyone is a Naruto fan, so I can only count my lucky stars that there are online fansubs for series I would prefer to watch. I am also willing to drop everything to watch anime raw if need be. To be a fan imo means more than having to remain in a comfort zone to see something.

But is there a necessity to try and reassure the public that Japanese animation will not be going away anytime soon? As a fan of Japanese animation, has it gotten to the point of not being able to search for the right answers on the internet.

I believe that if there is a way to see animation via Cable means, like watching it on that Japanese Animation cable channel, DVD releases from Funimation, Viz, or even the fansub releases, then that should be okay.

I can also recall two – three years where I took some break from Japanese animation, but as a fan – there is the fact that if you like something – then it shouldn’t go away as much as you think there is. One of my friends was saying that, even if there was something else that comes in place of loving more – then there are things that could push you back into loving something. I think the comparision is this, if watching a sports team, have a constant losing streak, then as a fan would you not pay attention to them as much? I don’t believe that is the case, but if you believe that your love of anime is drying up, then pay attention to something else?

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Waysided with rambling thoughts, and so what exactly is normal?

April 9, 2009 2 comments

– Doremon by Kelly Chan


Well been sick for the past week or so with a really bad cold. Got caught in the rain without an umbrella. That was not fun. Couldn’t breathe for about two days. No motivation whatsoever to write, but feeling slightly better now, so figure I’ll do a post.

I have not watched much anime, except for marathoning thru old series like Air, Gurren Laggen or catching up with what I can with Kurokami…so other than exasperated annoyed feelings for Gurren Laggen, and something like wow for AirKurokami has some potntial, whereas Rideback was such a disappointing thing. I downloaded the series, but will watch the anime later..when I get the mood. It is turning out to be  a series where the beginning had so much promise and other things got in the way to make the series drop off my rader. Military aspects make me think of some other things, and to try and rationalize Zac Efferon as the live action version of Souske in Full Metal Panic makes me think of other blood red things.

Oh, and have been playing more of Princess Waltz, which is an eroge visual novel, and I actually apreciate the plot of this game, it does not need the hentai parts in the game. Probably afterI finish the game, will do a more extensive review of the game.

I did reading up on the blogs so, and noticed this post by Peter Payne recently. What is Normal?

Normal is normal was my first thought. To not stand out is another aspect…. and being part of a group is a great thing are another thought I have. Normal is also built on the ideas to be similar to peers around you, so this is a very subjective thing.

Because Japanese culture is so small in geography space, and as a culture – they are pretty homogenous it is hard to try and picture waht is normal according to American standards. Maybe looking at the white man, and seeing what their ideas of fun is. But that doesn’t seem to be the case for other people…. wear the same fashion? But then you might be called a copy cat? Wearing professional clothes, but be called bland?? Is it the best thing to try and fit within a narrow frame of mind then?

I think that if you do things you like the best, and then see if there are similarities between you and others?

Being individualistic is a democratic ideal, that trying to pin point the American aspect of what is normal makes it strange. Rambling thoughts here… probably still not the best of thoughts, but definitely making some effort to write something.

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Blogging and Not Blogging – a question to ask yourself?

March 21, 2009 1 comment

blogging cloud

I can not think of a time when I don’t blog anymore. I would have to cite a couple of reasons for even writing this entry- one this and another from Google Reader librarian relevant links. To blog or not to blog, that may be a question to ask yourself, if you do blog?

Blogging is exploding so to speak with the other mediums such as Microblogging on Twitter or Plurk and even Notes on Facebook or MySpace.. so would you think there is a main purpose? You don’t even have to write a lot be consider blogging?  I may be going away from my purpose of this blog, but I figure it would be a good question to think about?

As for other reasons or even Hinano’s entry of where I hear a blog going on hiatus or people citing other reasons for stopping their blogging, I wonder if that is a good thing to give up?

I know I am probably a hypocrite for even spouting such a phrase, since I go on hiatus so many times, and probably don’t have that much readers, but I do make a good lurker with some attempts to try and comemnt.

Sure, interests change, and real life will come into play, but there are definitely readers, and even if there are no comments – to just write is to make sure you get some thoughts or information out into the world. Some opinion or some thing else. I would definitely say overwhem the world around you, and give information overload headaches to everyone..!  So rah rah rah go go go!

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