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Kuroki Meisa and COCA-SHOCK!

October 25, 2009 Leave a comment

Yep just to remark about it, it is Coca-shock which is a Kirin product, and is 5% alcohol and Kuroki Meisa.. now just wondering if any other alcoholic beverages other than Rum and Coke would have alcohol in it? Of course alcoholic beverages should be consumed by adults.

Kuroki Meisa’s been on an rising path, ever since I saw her in several doramas, and with Ninkyo Helper this summer as with her new role in Kimura Takuya’s next movie Star Battleship Yamato.. hmm.. just really sophisticated. Oh and to top it all off, here is a slew of videos relevant to this topic.

Press conference of her presenting the drink.

CM of the drink itself.

PV of the song SHOCK.

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Ishigaki Yuma and Yaoh/Hana Kimi

September 1, 2008 Leave a comment

In this past year, I have been watching as much Japanese doramas as I have time to and while there are multiple main characters to really like, such as Matsu Jun or Itoh Misaki or Kou Shibasaki, I always have a preference for the supporting characters and the multiple roles that they played.

I was quite surprised to see that Ishigaki Yuma was in several dramas that I have seen already such as Shimokita Sundays, Hana Kimi, and most recently Yaoh. These are certainly old dorama titles, but to see his acting and looks, is just wow. If I didn’t see his profile on Drama wiki and then took these two screen caps, I would imagine that they are two different people instead of actors. Their voice style and character’s personality is so different. Makes me wish that HK drama actors have that quality to act, instead of getting so typecast, that I don’t even watch much now.

Yaoh’s Ishigaki

Hana Kimi’s Ishigaki

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Mirai Koshi Meguru & Papaya Suzuki

February 10, 2008 Leave a comment

I have watched Papaya Suzuki in two dramas: Beauty or Beast and Hataraki Man and now I see him in a third.. which is Mirai Koshi Meguru. Anyhow.. Papaya Suzuki appears as a guest in the second episode… and his acting is pretty funny.. the actress playing his wife is familiar looking.

This dorama is unlike Mop Girl, but has its appeal. Fukada Kyoko acting is quite grown to me …. so I can probably enjoy watching more of this drama. Pretty cracky ne…?


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Young Man – Razor Ramon HG

December 29, 2007 Leave a comment

Finally the single came. I was pretty surprised at myself for even ordering this single/DVD… but it’s all right. I didn’t really like the packaging, but I have to ignore it. I have this thing against people sweating and on the back it shows a picture of HG sweating. Kero said it probably looks like make up though, since he asked if it was glitter on his perspiration. Young Man is the Japanese version of Village People’s YMCA.

Read more…

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Shinohara Ryoko

March 30, 2007 Leave a comment

As I continue to watch Japanese dramas, much like Aya Ueto, I find myself seeking to find Shinohara Ryoko’s drama. I started to watch her in Anego, and then I watched her in Unfair, At Home Dad, Women’s Island, Hanayome wa Yakudoshi and Haken no Hinkaku. Read more…

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Anita Mui – Stand By Me.

March 24, 2007 3 comments

“Stand By Me” is one of my favorite songs by the late Anita Mui…. there’s countless others, but just to listen to this actually cheers me up. This song is a Cantonese remake of the version sang by Ben E. King, Leiber and Stoller. I guess you can say the 80’s movie is not really related to this song..although the lyrics do sound very much in the spirit of being close to your friends, to support them. Read more…

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Aya Ueto

January 8, 2007 3 comments

Hmm.. as I go underway in watching as much J-dramas as I can during my break. I find myself really liking her dramas.. I already saw her in Attention Please, while I didn’t like the story as much, I saw her consecutively in Install and My Little Chef. I’ve grown accustom to her face. Lately I watched episodes from Shimokita Sundays and while I haven’t finish watching it. I really want to watch more of it… soon! I really like the comedic plot of the story.. Hope that my friend, will blog it as soon as it would be ever finished.

Anyhow, Aya Ueto is quite muit-talented as well.. a pretty successful singer and super idol as well.. I wonder if there’s a nickname for her fans? I pay attention, but I don’t pay attention…oh well.. I guess what I’m gushing about really is above all this, she’s a year younger than I am.. man is that something.. so young and so talented..!


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November 20, 2006 1 comment

This is a latest J-pop fascination with mine.. after Rina Aiuchi over the summer. The first time I heard Suara was when she sang the opening for Utawarumono and I fell in love with the song of course. After searching around for her songs, I went and ordered her cd from Asahiya. After several misahap, I own two singles and two albums from here. Definitely a good singer to go and listen to. Beneath are a series of links, pertaining to information on her.


Official Website (need Japanese).

Or this one live performance.

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