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Guai Guai Taiwanese Commercials inspired by Cosplay.

April 25, 2010 2 comments

Thanks for Rai on pointing out these commercials for me. I am blogging about this on the premises that the other anime websites won’t probably find out about these commercials until months after the fact, or unless if someone blogs about it. Now these are Taiwanese commercials that is inspired by cosplay, so definitely some language barrier if you can’t hear a word of Chinese. But looking at the cosplay is pretty good. Imagine a world filled with maids, FF7’s or Vocaloid cosplay. ^_^ There are two versions of commercial, a girl one and the boy one.

Here is the girl one:

Here is the boy one:

The premises of the commercials are these…. the boy and girl in the normal school uniforms are practically lectured for not dressing in a cosplay. Guai Guai is Chinese for “good good”. Yet I hear in the commercial, the people who are in authority are (mother and teacher) is mentioning obedience and respecting by listening to them. The message of the commercial is being yourself is a good thing, that even in environments where the normal dress is cosplay, then it is fine. So this cosplay inspiration is pretty far reaching. The commercial is for promoting a chip snack, and there seems to be a contests to see who would doodle the best looking face or something.

I wonder whether or not when would the United States pick up on this premises or something similar to sell their products, or even pass up on this idea. There is that cosplay video with Kristin Dunst, but other than not really seeing it on the net, doubt I’ll see it on prime time

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Microwavable mochi = cardboard tasting glue?

December 5, 2009 4 comments

I found this commercial on Japan Probe on mochi.

This is of course a commercial for microwavable read made mochi, somehow with the fact that freshly pounded mochi is kinda of a publicize event, demand is inevitably greater than supply, hence the microwavable mochi. The effect is kinda lost though. Can only wonder as to how this would taste like.

Can only think of cardboard or glue as the result of microwaving this treat. Even the video reflects that it looks like glue.. >_<

The original got taken down, but there were other clips that showed the actor eating mochi from the same brand.

Any opinions?

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Happy International Pocky Day!

November 11, 2009 2 comments


Yay for one of my favorite Japanese biscuits! Yes, November 11 is International Pocky Day as I get from this website and from my Tweets, so break out your pocky stash, and much on them while surfing the net! Technically in the U.S., Nov 10 was when it was the Japanese version of Pocky Day. So is already over for Japan

My favorite Pocky is the Strawberry bits one, but what would your favorite Pocky be? It has been a popular Japanese snack ever since anime hit mainstream. But no matter.

I remember yesterday speaking with a friend about this, and by mistake I typed in.. it would be International Pocky Day on 11.11.11…. and my friend was like “Wait two more years!” That cracked me up, even if my timing was off.

Oh one of my favorite parodies of Pocky in terms of anime, was with Onegai Sensei‘s pochy version.

These are some of my commercials that I liked of Pocky. Yes Shibasaki Kou was in most of them. Second commercial reminds me of Kodomo no Omacha.

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Samples to entice..

November 8, 2009 3 comments

All right, have you seen the samples at the super market, this blog entry is about the Japanese perspective, of ensuring, the customer will purchase the product, now isn’t that neat? I think so. I read this, and was thinking – how cool is that. Probably will lose money for the producer, but to develop loyal customers like that. Going above and beyond a food sample. While that is funny, it should most likely guilt people into purchasing something.

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Mayonnaise and Ramen .. how would that taste like?

November 7, 2009 4 comments

Well one thing I can sum up from this video via Japan Probe, is that the opinion is probably a very different taste. The reporter kept on making these oohs and ahhs.. so while she didn’t say Oiishi, it would probably be a unique salty sweet tasting dish. I have seen Japanese love Mayonnaise, but first time I even saw it as a soup base for Ramen..  so yes to those who have tried it..

But for people who would probably say eww.. Japanese mayonnaise is not Hellmann’s version.. which is pretty heavy. While I am not a fan of eatting much mayonnaise.. would maybe like to try this one out.

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Japanese Fast Food Breakfast Wars..

October 26, 2009 2 comments

(sighs) I do miss Japan, and so one of my favorite blogs to follow on my Google Reader is Japan Probe. Imagine my surprise when I saw this report on how Mos Burger, McDonald and Lotteria were trying to get the customers with serving breakfast, and with the way that workers said that they ate breakfast at work, or none at all. I do have some memories of Rai eating breakfast in the morning, and rushing to catch the morning commute for her job.

I ate breakfast at both Lotteria, and McDonald, will try to check out Mos Burger next time. But when I heard the price drop of 380 yen, I was thinking wow that was cheap. The hot dog for the breakfast meat they serve in McDonald is certainly not as people would imagine. It was good though.

Here is a video that they had.

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Dreaming/Thinking of Edamame….

September 16, 2009 Leave a comment


On my personal snack list, I have recently added edamame, otherwise it would be known as soybeans. My mom gets them really cheaply at the Chinese groceries, so let’s just say I have been eating them more often. Some people may not like them, but others will probably do. Hmm.. I should probably take a picture of my lunch box tomorrow. Got a lot of green food products tucked in..

For the last few months or so, I started to notice a mascot of edamame beans.. and as a friend remarked, she saw it advertised everywhere, now what would you say if you saw this series of commercials? Cute or would you lose your appetite? My favorite’s got to be the detective one..

Categories: Food’s Youtube Review on a Japanese drink.. and a slight rant on my part..

July 2, 2009 2 comments

Okay.. just looking and their long line of food products, only avaliable in Japan, makes me feel deppressed.

I am starting this mantra in my head,”America you suck!” Food products only available in the U.S. sucks.  Why is it that you can never get the variety of flavors and packaging like Japan?!

Why is there this product ideal? Sure I am Japan crazed, but that’s it! Variety in the U.S. is pretty poor.. and their news/problems even more so.

Now to look at and realize that I would never get the variety like Japan irks me off… >_<

Being able to order it through the internet, can you realize how broke I would get? I already feel broke.

But I want to try Pepsi Shiso!!!! I wanted to try Pepsi Blue Hawaii…. okay you can see that I am not so much of a Coke fan, even though I did drink a lot of Coke products in college.. ugh!!!!

Still it is chemicals right, and water is the best drink you can get, but with the way my appetite has so lessen ever since I came back from Japan. (sighs). Not to complain, but I will eventually go back to visit the land of the rising sun again.

J-list as I currently know is at Anime Expo, of which I am not going to, got to prep for Otakon actually. Still I would imagine I know that the Secret Shop is going to be at Otakon, they’re a dealer affliate of

Oh here’s a review of Pepsi Shiso….

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