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Random plug for Japanese stationary goods.

June 1, 2012 Leave a comment

I have a stash of Japanese pens in my room from when Asahiya Bookstore was still in operation in New York City. When I can indulge or want to look for something to write with, my preference is with using Japanese stationary goods. It also is a good tool to put in a small Origami traveling kit. I discovered that I really like how thin Japanese pens can write. This I never thought could happen, since I always associations thinness with mechanical pencils leads. Still one day reading Ed Sizemore’s review and  tweets, I happen to discover a website, as an online retailer to find Japanese pen and stationary goods. Shipping took the model of Amazon at free shipping after spending $25 of usage. Now isn’t that a good idea?

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The chance of listening to Drama CDs…

February 21, 2011 Leave a comment

Just a small random thought, on the importance of studying Japanese.. getting the chance to understand Drama CD’s. Of course that probably is not an important thing, but to be a fan of manga, there is probably never going to be the chance for there to be an anime. So there is the option of Drama CDs then, which is similar to listening to a radio show.

So whenever I read some mangas, especially of the shoujo ones. I read panels where the mangaka, talks about her experience with meeting the seiyuu’s for the Japanese drama cds. (sighs) How lucky…

Still, I will be lucky to listen to the track, just like the City Hunter Z, Dramatic Album which I do own.. and understand a tinge of what the drama is about. Hmmm… I listen to Fushigi Yuugi‘s drama CD a long time ago.. and that was a great experience. Hearing a possibilities of what ifs.. the drama cd’s reaffirm what are inside jokes that a series can have, and definitely give a voice to characters that the pages can’t provide.

Of course when there is the eventual lead to an anime, the drama cd is just another part to the long list of media that is available out there.

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Narita Airport Video and Travel.

November 7, 2009 Leave a comment

Ahh so I was going on my way reading through my blog, when I saw that Japan Probe actually did an entry that had me say.. Nostalgic.. that’s right a way to navigate through Narita Airport to travel into Tokyo. Ever since I came back from Japan, I have been a fan for their Suica card system, since it travels with Tokyo Metro and JR. Passmo can only travel within the Tokyo Metro, and I for one would say that travel within Japan is not for the faint hearted, it cost money, and definitely this video would be a great reference for those going to Japan for the first time.

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Hiroshima & Nagasaki, joint bid to compete for 2020 Summer Olympic.

October 14, 2009 2 comments


Well after Tokyo recently lost 2016 Summer Olympics bid to Rio De Janeiro, and with Chicago not even making it into the second round. I hear internet news that Hiroshima & Nagasaki will be doing a joint bid for 2020 Olympics. So hopefully their country will make it to win the bid. Historically these two cities were impacted by the atomic bomb, and their desire for the Olympics for promoting peace, perhaps their message will reach the Olympics committee.

The year 2020 has a special significance for the mayors, who serve as president and vice president of Mayors for Peace, a global group of mayors from about 3,000 cities that advocate the abolition of nuclear weapons. In April last year, the group adopted the Hiroshima-Nagasaki Protocol, which calls for the elimination of nuclear weapons by 2020.

Source -Japan_Now LJ

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Japanese Sports Day..Exciting perhpas thrilling even.

October 12, 2009 Leave a comment

sports day

This weekend was Columbus Day for people in the U.S. but it is also Health and Sports Day [体育の日] (taiiku no hi) in Japan for students there. That definitely brings sportsmanship, and teamwork. Now the reason why I knew this was happening, because I have friends who are over there, and teaching – mentioned that they had a day off. Sounds interesting to me.

I have never seen something like this in the U.S. as I grew up, there was that one time I went to a senior trip for an outdoors event, but even then that was not as big as schools actually not going to be in session for class.

FYI for those not aware, check out here.

If the United States would have something like this, wouldn’t that mean that something like this can be promoted to off set the obesity rates in Fat America. They may be already doing like that for Elementary schools nowadays though.

Also you would see something like this in any anime series. I imagine that any if not all school anime would mention something like this. To my mind, one of the more memorable ones got to be either Gakuen Alice or Full Metal Panic Fumoffu.

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Learning how to write Japanese…

January 31, 2009 2 comments

– Enomoto Kurumi: Mirai Kinenbi

Struggles to learn Japanese… well how to read and write is always a desire of mine… so for the countless time… I am once again trying to learn Japanese, this time with the usage of tangocyou or 単語帳. Prior to this attempt, I have attempted with laminating flash cards.. that attempt got stifle…so I am trying once again.. to learn. Let’s just say it is difficult without the structure of an actual class, but I don’t know when am I able to go take the the time to learn a class… I lost my chance in my undergrad, there was speaking involved..but I got overwhelmed that semester and stopped the course…

I have gotten the flash card set from Asahiya for $1.50 so I am trying to pick up my pace with leaning.


Other solutions I have tried is to use an exercise book, that I have used in the past to study Chinese. I am actually lucky I can still find these books. It cost $0.40 from a bookstore I go to in Chinatown at Elizabeth Street.


Armed also with a pencil board… of the hirigana system…I hope to be more proficient in my Japanese language studies.

This is actually a good blog entry, for examples on tips how to make it more useful to study Japanese.  Another blog entry is this one, with mentioning how to structure, the learning of Japanese in a schedule.

If you don’t live near a Japanese bookstore like I do…Jlist or Jbox is a great place to get Japanese studying items.

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Collection Aspects – Japanese Anime fan essentials….

January 10, 2009 4 comments

As an anime fan, one of the things I always try to make sure I have, and know about is how usually money is usually spent on anime. It is an expensive hobby, and one that is aptly pointed out by Moyism after he mentioned going over the $10,000 on this hobby. I usually ignore how much I spend… since I figure I can make it up at a later time. Sounds irresponsible ne? But who truly cares, if one doesn’t know what is going to happen tomorrow? I try not to let my worries crush me.

Now with my pending Japan trip.. I figure I can try and get a good idea on what I want to zero in to go on the rampage for.. probably a lot of things.. still there are some things I would always be on the look out for..that is series that I like of some form.

  • Books
  • Pencil Boards
  • Stationary
  • Jigsaw Puzzles
  • CD’s
  • DVD’s
  • Specific series’s plushies
  • Specific Figurines
  • Specific Cell Phone Charms

These are are pretty much, what an anime fan would probably go for, but just trying to establish some boundaries… my friend is in Japan now, so I have been giving her some list of things I would like for her to look out for.. the wait is kinda long until May, but let’s just say time should relatively go by fast…. weather in NYC sucks so much now though..can’t wait for warmer weather though.

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Aspects of Japanese Culture… Top 5 broad likings.

January 9, 2009 7 comments


This topic has been on my mind ever since a class mate asked me what do I like about Japanese culture. I responded to her of liking everything that Japan has to offer… but then, there are so many faucets – so what then? I spoke about this with a co-worker and I was able to write up a ranking list…..

  1. Food
  2. Anime
  3. Music
  4. Dramas
  5. Manga

Now these are pretty broad categories, and I guess I can try to squash in Video games somewhere, or idols or the Theater things, or fashion… but I kinda always think of these categories when I think of Japan. I guess, if you asked me several years ago, I would have ranked anime and manga much higher, but currently that ranking has changed.


Now then, as a fan for things Japanese – what would be your top five things that you like about Japan and reasons why?

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