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Becca’s American release of I’m Alive

February 25, 2010 2 comments

Slightly not trying to do a dance, since for one am a klutz, and another no space, my book stacks will probably fall on me, but if you didn’t know Becca has her American release of I’m Alive in the U.S. for physical and digital release on March 2. Her personal Twitter/Facebook confirmed it, so yes Fans ought to be jumping for joy.

Just made some realizations on other things also I guess if you stalk me on Facebook, you’ll probably see it like a 100 tweets back. Just kidding.. just trying to make plans, and messing up. Need to pack. >_<

Anyway ever since Becca mentioned in last year at Otakon, and the fact that she is going on a tour is making me quite excited. Most probably news of her U.S. tour is going to be on this Pure Volume website, since I see that she is going to be performing after Portland, she would be hitting three locations in Texas.. lucky Texas fans to see her! Her official website is slightly dated, so I think the best spots to know of her updates is either Facebook or Twitter. Her MySpace is also updated with news from Becca personally. There’s only so much social media one can hit before.. I am still waiting on a hash tag to spam on Twitter regarding about Becca’s information. Probably should start one up.. Checked under #becca an that is not really getting that good of a results.. maybe #becca_alive or #alivebecca

I am very excited to listen to any new stuff that Becca has, but it is getting confusing from the advertisements, on whether every music from her I’m Alive is the exact same cd of her import release? No matter.. having duplicate cds are always nice. I look at my 愛内 里菜 cds and think mah mah.. import prices dup or triple over since I have original cd, best cd and singles if I can manage it. >_<

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Potential of Becca with a NYC impromptu concert..

February 1, 2010 2 comments

Edit.. Becca is coming to NYC on February 3, 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (And news of her appearance in NYC for fans is probably coming – check her Twitter! – I am glued to my Twitter Fox at the moment… )

Becca – photo by Dave Wujcik (© 2009 Otakorp Inc)

Ahh well this idea popped up on Becca’s Twitter and on her facebook page this following Saturday, so I am going on a vein of just crossing my fingers and hopping that it would be true, and this is the week before Hikki’s concert. Still this is Becca! I saw her last year at Otakon, and liked her songs ever since then.  I really can’t say that I am a fan of her music, as much as I am for other singers.. but with her American release in March…then all bets might be off.

I find her to be such a potential hit for the American market that yes!!! I really wish she would be playing an NYC concert.

Oh for more info on her, you can read a Wikipedia entry on her or check out this interesting interview from J-pop World.

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Looks like this is going to be the sepecial fan gift Hikki’s throwing…

January 31, 2010 3 comments

Las Vegas Version

Okay, so as the days and hours are coming for Hikki’s concert, as I recall seeing from her San Francisco stop, Hikk’s throwing rubber foam baseballs. She’s even mentioning it herself on her blog, and right now all I can just say is wow.. it is a nice memorabilia to catch. It has even got Kuma in on the action… so I’ll be waiting with anticipation until she sings in NYC!

Ublog has been a great twitter feed to keep up with Hikki’s concert gossip.. so yes next week and counting!

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Utada Hikaru 2010 concert updates.. citing from Hawaii concert..

January 15, 2010 3 comments

Well still up… and thinking of a lot of updates.  Wrote some thoughts up on xanga, and I kinda want to write an update on my outings this week. Well I know I brought some more things as I met up with Moy, and a scanner will be reeeeal handy right about now. >_<

Before I go into a tangent back to the main thought. These are summary thoughts from ublog. That also has a twitter, which I jumped at the follow..

Utada in the Flesh Concert, mostly these are thoughts, as other places seemingly already had their concert times already. She is moving from the west coast to the east.

Citing from this entry. Utada concerts are quickly selling out, or have been sold out since last year. That I am very glad about. I still think she should have gotten a Madison Square Garden concert, but my opinion against what Utada company thinks.

Her Dirty Desire remix cd hits on iTunes is going for about $8.91 and has nine different remixes of this song. Now I can only think back to when my friend, Antonio sang it in Karoke, wondering if he got this remix or not. I am kinda spazzing out, two upon seeing Moy’s update on Twitter, and I RT.

OMG!! RT @1moy: reading all the tweets @UBlog has me hyped bout Utada’s concert in feb in NYC. Yay for a mix of english & japanese songs 😀

Similar to all concert venues, no camera pictures. Still saw this picture helpfully taken by @monchalee via here:

Also been seeing her set list for her concert, and a mixture of Japanese and English. Wondering if this set list will be consistent or will she change according to the various cities. So far it was cited as 17 songs, with 10 English songs. She sang for the Hawaii concert, and this is an incomplete and out of order list. (Edited with Mark’s comment – 2:42 EST)

  • Simple and Clean
  • Passion
  • Boku wa Kuma
  • Apple and Cinnamon
  • You Make Me Want to Be a Man
  • Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence
  • On and On
  • Me Muero
  • Dirty Desire
  • Come Back to Me
  • Stay Gold
  • Sakura Drops
  • Devil Inside
  • Kremilin Dusk
  • Automatic
  • Can You Keep A Secret?
  • First Love

I am going to be going to her New York event, and oh my god my exciting is probably going to be very very very high!!!!!!!!!!

As I found out,  a fellow Hikki fan I met last year, did this Youtube clip. So this is my way of psyching myself up for the event!

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Utada Hikaru’s U.S. Tour Dates..

November 10, 2009 2 comments


So yes, the fabulous singing sensational Utada Hikaru is going to do her her United States tour next year, and so far the confirmed dates and venues that is going to be of interest to be is New York @ Irving Plaza on Feb 8, 2010.

God damn I will fight for these tickets… but information is up at her net, and here. I have been talking with Antonio, a while since I was late in hearing updates on her concert, but with Moy who also updated his Twitter..

Utada’s US tour dates . Hmm NY in feb 2010…

Yep.. spun a blog entry about this to up the hype..

Also if you’re interested. I did write about her Sephora event earlier this year. Also check at Eric’s page for his shots of the event.

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