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Call Center no Koibito

November 6, 2009 Leave a comment

Okay this is one of the dramas I have caught on to, after watching BOSS over the summer. This and the previously mention dorama were my standouts for the summer.

Call Center is about Japanese TV Home shopping Networks, and as far as acting goes, this is a pretty good series. I didn’t even realize that there was a Home shopping network in Japan, until I saw Hero with Kimu Taku. All right.. Hero was not one of doramas I watched happily. But this dorama was quite funny.

The cast is filled with people you necessarily might not know, unless you watch Japanese dramas, and pay attention to relationships or supporting actors. There is the appearance of the kid from Edison no Haha, and Karina’s older sister. My standards on watching doramas are mainly plot, and it is an added bonus if there are stand out performances from the actors.

Call Center no Koibito ends on a continuation strech, nothing more nothing less. This draft of this dorama might be late, but hopefully I will update this one with screen caps.. >_<

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Ohitorisama – Episode 1 to 2

November 3, 2009 Leave a comment


This is one of my anticipated fall doramas to watch, just because of Koike Teppei playing the sensitive type. Also the fact that this is a dorama people say it is very much like Kimi wa Petto or Suppli, Around 40 where there is the whole older female aspect. But even then, I wonder if i can handle this series as much as I anticipate…because there are several dilemmas that are brought out, that can make the series a yes or no factor

  • The unspoken mother as principal who seeks an heir aspect.
  • The slew of girls that are after Kamisaka.
  • The fact that it is so predictable with what Akiyama is feeling. Just as the new male teacher shows up, she starts to think if she is regretting the fact that she is by herself, therefore choosing career over love?
  • To see that she is not getting everywhere without a man is downright.. as with the pamphlet job is sobtastic.
  • The character that I see Sakai Wakana is playing… and the way other female co-workers look at her is just.. ugh.

I still think this dorama is watchable thus far, even though themes get recycled. I like the different activities that Akiyama is going to go to, just as her choices and reasoning are varied.

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Shimokita Sunday.. and Harujuku Crepe.

June 27, 2009 3 comments

Shimokita Sunday was a dorama I enjoyed watching several years ago, just as I got into watching Japanese Dramas. It was also one of those series I never thought I’ll finish because there were never any subs, but there is now, and I got to finish watching it. So happy!

So imagine my surprise when I re watched the first episode and found Aya Ueto eating at the same crepe stop I ate at in Harujuku. Yes Harujuku is a place known for crepes, so for all potential Tokyo visitors, there are plenty of crepe stands in Harujuku.

See this is a picture from the dorama


And here is a picture of the store’s sign when I went. I didn’t want to take an obvious picture, but you have to trust my word, that I did eat from that same stand.^_^ See same pink wrapping..

Delicious Crepe! That’s is what I miss as I came back to the U.S.

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Impressions of Arifureta Kiseki

April 21, 2009 2 comments

Translated in English as Unsurprising Miracle. Arifureta Kiseki is a slice of life family Winter 2009 Dorama. Of all of the doramas that I watched during the Winter, I focused on this series much more than Love Shuffle which I marathon through or Triangle that I gave up after three episodes.  I certainly didn’t expect to like this dorama the way I did.


But I did, and I am impressed of this dorama. This is a dorama of message and hope. The story begins with two people saving a third person. Then these two people met again, and a romantic relationship occurs, one that is pretty mature and cautious. Kana and Shota are the only child of two three generation families. Conflict occrrs as it comes out that Kana cannot have children, so it brought to my mind, the declining birthrate in Japan, where the old outnumbers the young. While both their family tries to cope, it was a time of watching the melding of two familes.


Their grandparents, and parents make wonderful supporting characters. My favorite parts were the different interactions between the two family. From the war surviving grandparents, and Shota’s grandfather did get long winded as always. It was an interesting mix to see the lives of the parent. Kana’s parents do have a loveless and companion marriage as did Shota’s divorced parents. It was startling to see the father’s cross dress.


Still Nakama Yukie is not among my top favorite actress to watch, but she was good in this drama. I liked Kase Ryo’s acting slightly more. The last time I saw him, or heard his voice was with Sky Crawlers. So seeing him act certain placed a face with the voice.

This is a dorama that also used Enya’s music from her last Christmas album, Dreams Are More Precious. So prior to Winter Dorama season, I was looking forward to listening to this song. There use to be a nice video on Youtube several months back debuting Enya singing the song. But it must have got taken down.

While there are some parts that would probably bore people, definitely check this dorama out that is probably targeted for the older crowd. If you want to see a ordinary dorama that is filled with character development and ordinary realizations. Boss is airing in the same slot as this dorama, so that is definitely on my list of Spring 2009 dorama to watch.

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Gira Gira General Impressions 1-8

December 27, 2008 Leave a comment


Recently I finished watching this drama, and while I wasn’t really satisfied with the plot. It was a quick watch though. Compare with my friend Aya, I tend to watch dramas, that are not with JE people as much. Still if you want to read impressions of this drama with more focus on the actresses, you can check out Akiramike’s 2 review posts. I enjoy reading his blog posts, since they focus on dramas I would probably miss watching.

This drama is supposedly similar to Yaoh, but other than that one host that would heal the woman’s heart, make them happy and not care about money aside…. this drama was as different as it could get.  Kohei had lost his job, and hid from his family the secret that he was a successful host in the past before. So without a job, he went back to becoming a host.

Many of the host in the club Rink didn’t like him at all, saying that he was too old. But soon he became the appointed leader of the club from the former leader.  This opens up a lot of worms, and Kohei has to deal with various internal and outside factors that would bring the conclusion in episode 8.

What I liked about this series, was the part where they had the cheering chants, and the theme song. This is also the first time I got to see Sasaki Kuranosuke as a lead in a drama. I see him a lot in supporting roles. I had an easier time watching this drama than I did with Ashita no Kita Yoshio, which had another supporting actor as the male lead.

What I didn’t like was rushed and how bogged down the plot dragged for some parts. I was surprised to see that it was only schedule for 8 episodes, similar to Koshonin. There were parts, though where I wondered if they recycled the same point, and then to see how the ending came about. That was so corny.

Still there are other dramas I would be looking forward to, so this is a brief look back to this series.

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Mirai Koshi Meguru

May 27, 2008 Leave a comment

I have finished watching this dorama a while ago and I was pretty happy with it. It had a corny sweet ending and that made it a good watch. Although there were some random parts that would make you have a mental “huh?” Mirai Koshi Meguru was still a good dorama.

The faults of this drama though, was that often the acting was a little exaggerated. The father and mother of Meguru did overact in some sequences..and by the time Yoshida Eisuke toward the last three episodes showed up.. I was really grossed out. I like the performance of the older Yuuki, but the younger Yuuki was also sweet as well.

I am trying to recommend this drama to several friends of mine. The premises of this drama is that Meguru is part of a family that are espers.. in the case of Meguru, when she eats and is full – she can see the futures of people 20 years into the future. There were interesting guests and possibilities.. so this is a cute drama.

I am going to update some screencaps when I get the time.. but this entry is a filler is to plug in for time…

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Trick – the movie

April 9, 2008 Leave a comment

This is not the 1999 movie, rather it is the drama’s movie. The premises of the movie is of the duo, Naoko and the doctor visit a village on the request of a guy to look for his childhood friend that disappeared. On the way to the ending, they exposed a witch doctor’s true intentions to a village.

I am a little iffy about the tv series, but there are rather funny moments in this movie that stood out.

Things like when the doctor used the Luffy signature move or how Naoko’s mother tried to run for a council role based on her skill with drawing characters.  Others things were pretty exaggerated…such as how is it that the girl stayed in that tight cramp spot for so many years. Also the part when the villegers were force to do that hand motion – Nice to meet you.. now that was silly.

Here is a link to the drama- wiki page.

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Yakusha Damashii

April 4, 2008 Leave a comment

After several days of lacking much sleep, I was looking through my drafts to put an end to. This was a dorama that I watched a while ago: Yakusha Damashii or At the Soul of an Actor. While this post is several years late. I have to say that I got to like Matsu Takako while I watched this drama.

She plays an agent for actors and in this drama she gets to be the agent for this Shakespearian actor. There were some issues when it came to light that the actor who is pretty old, had an illegiment child. Now Matsu Takako had to take care of the children, the actor and the company’s new accountant.

Takako’s acting was pretty strong in this dorama and there are funny parts.. so for a light comedic look at stuff then this is the Japanese dorama for anyone.

This is the theme song to the drama. I really like the message of the song.

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