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Booyah! Dell External 500gb

April 15, 2009 2 comments

western-digitalAfter a long time, I think two months or so I finally got the 500 external in FexEx today. Originally it was sent two months ago, and UPS lost it, when their driver decided to leave it just at the front door of my apartment building.

Man was I pissed when I realized what had happened. After getting on the case of both Dell, and UPS. Finally Dell was sent out the replacement unit… now I need to put this to an end..otherwise I am not sure how my heart can handle it. I hate having to call and then placed on hold for such a very long time.

Oh well next technology purchase is probably going to be one of those Dell Mini books. Those look really sexy… I know I am not a tech expert, but I just love to buy Gadets… >_<

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Procrastinating and a response to Twitter vs. Plurk..

December 13, 2008 1 comment

plurk_stamp_by_sircrocodilevs. twitter_by_cyantre

These stamp images are courtesy of SirCrocodile and Quarksbar on Deviant Art.

Just as the title said, I am procrastinating on the studying that is needed to be down for my XML class, and my book reviewer life.. but I was reading this from Hynavian‘s blog, and it kinda inspired me to write a little on this topic.

Now as a reflection angle.

I really like twitter though, and I can say that the people I follow, or who are following me… can fall into two categories – one are anime fans like I am – Gia, Omo, Hinano, JP, Jlist, and another group are fellow librarians…. so as a professional angle… I try to strive forth….I earnestly believe that blogging is paving the way for computer social connections…after all my MLS project was a survey on librarians who blog.

My criteria for friending on Twitter is quite broad, and as long as I can connect with you, then I’ll follow you back. I am trying to use Twitter, as a social tool as well…I twitter a lot.. well not as much as other Twitters I read, but I am getting there… currently 929 updates…

Because there are so many competitions out there, trying to conquer the micro blogging space (FaceBook vs. MySpace, PC vs. Apple… you get the picture…!) I realize that there is another social micro blogging networking that is out there… Plurk, and this is another seemingly cool social networking.. thingy. I have actually signed up with Plurk as well, so each their social niche.. so far I am testing the waters of Plurk, so who knows.. I squatted down on Plurk, so that my normal user name, will not be taken.. animemiz or anime_miz… hmm.. still…. I believe that twitter has a lead over Plurk, but as time will go on, and see how easy Plurk can do it for me… perhaps I will also adjust to using Plurk as as well as Twitter… so don’t hesitate and jump onto the micro blogging like I did. By no means am I abandoning my blogs, it just seem easier to connect and give quick thoughts on Twitter… (although there are moments when I stick my foot in my mouth far too often… but this is something I am trying to work upon…)

Here are actually additional links for reading up on the debate on Plurk vs. Twitter..

Plurk Unique or Another Twitter Clone?

How Twitter Made My Website Better

I am going to cross post this onto my professional blog

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Microsoft on a 360-Wiimote Killer

April 7, 2008 Leave a comment

When I hear news like this, I want to smack my head and think of how silly this sounds. I am neither a fan of the Xbox 360 or even of the Wii, but for Christ’s sakes what is the point of this? Is Microsoft looking to earn more money from the people that all ready has the Xbox 360 or is it that they are trying to get more people to buy the 360 in a pretty copy catted under handed way? They better have better games for a family audience other than Halo and stuff.

At this time I am pretty annoyed by how Microsoft is acting.. sure they want to get rich, but this is such a corny underhanded way. Do not get me started on that Yahoo threat.

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iPhone funny Youtube launch video

July 7, 2007 Leave a comment

Well it’s been a month since I last really updated on WordPress.. there was the launch of the iPhone, which I really liked the movie sing along.

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Zap Reader – Very cool program!

June 3, 2007 1 comment

Yay!!! Well I have to thank my friend for showing me this program. Zap Reader is still in beta form and very very useful for reading long web pages, PDF’s or just about anything you can copy and paste on the computer. This is a free internet based program.

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KoolWIRE – sounds really cool!

May 26, 2007 5 comments

Wow this sounds neat. Plain Text to PDF via email.. neato! I believe this link will be useful, if there is a need to send plain text and then to have it appear as a pdf file on the other end.

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Ooohh.. interesthing site to check out..

April 20, 2007 Leave a comment

Well as I think about joining more into the whole internet instead of moping around. I love the tips Lorelle gives about sprucing up blogs, so today when I went there and found this older entry on generating a signature for your entries… personally I think that is sooo neat… so here is MyLiveSignature

Read more…

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Web 2.0 can be the greatest thing since sliced bread…

April 19, 2007 Leave a comment

Just as I was at work today, trying not to overwhelm my coworker with book carts and on my own still continuing on creating more carts… I was listening to my ipod to drown out background noises. It is these moments that I listen to podcasts and because of trying to keep up with technology… I try to listen to Cnet’s Buzz Out Loud podcasts.. often several weeks old….. ANYHOW… today I listened to a podcast the hosts on Buzz Out Loud did on March 19, 2007 regarding Web 2.0

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