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Picking up from 2017

April 17, 2017 Leave a comment

Recently people may have seen that my blog has had some dated entries from my defunct domain animemiz(dot)com. Which I wrote stuff on one time and another. The cost of trying to buy back that domain is actually more trouble than it is worth. So I am considering the time and aspect of grabbing whatever entries I can from wayback machine.

I wanted to at least pick up from 2017. I am not as active on the blogging community as I once was, but I am still keeping up with social media as I can. Due to professional life, I have been unable to keep up with the amount of anime and fandom that there is.

My time spent on de-stressing actually takes up a lot of time. I am what people say that I end up spreading myself in too many directions. I have been wanting to write about things that happened. The last anime series I watched was Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid. I watched Your Name (君の名は) three times in the theater, and the graphic novel that I have been currently reading is Jiro Taniguchi’s Guardians of the Louvre, which I picked up at MoCCA Arts Fest 2017.

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Some updates

August 9, 2013 Leave a comment

Recently, this blog experienced some down time or visitors saw that the domain expired. That was a bit of a hiccup, as the domain did move. Right now this blog is somewhat back on track.

I am continually working on drafts and then some. I am going to be devoting some time to putting up very late entries.. so it is for a peace of mind that I am going to be either putting up updates here or as I recently tried out on my tumblr.

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Remembering Love: Dr. Slump

May 19, 2013 Leave a comment

I was able to recently purchase for a haggled discount of $9, the entire original 243 episode 1980s Cantonese dubbed Dr. Slump anime dvd set. This seriously represents my early childhood and foray into watching anime in the late 80s. So I was quite happy to re-watch this series in a language I grew up with. My next goal is to be able to re-watch the Dr. Slump movies, since they are quite hysterical. I happened to own the entire Japanese reprinted DVD to this series, but since my current DVD player is not region free, the DVDs are still stored in their boxes.

A brief background to the story, Arale is an android who gets invented by Senbei Norimaki. He passes her off as his human younger sister, as he deals with trying to pursue the lovely blond-haired Midori-sensei at the local primary school.

Of course watching Dr. Slump as a child and as an adult is different. Now as an adult I actually understood what exactly was happening, and connected the Chinese dubbed with Japanese nuances. The plot in this anime is actually quite silly and pervy. It cracks me up as I watched Arale kick Senbei in the gonads. That happens in the first episode. Then as the cast of the Penguin Village diversifies, and more silly antics occur, I mentally lost count of how many times I wanted to smack my forehead at what I was watching on the screen. (Case in example, the episode where a training monk disciple pretty much ended up knocking out all the children of Penguin Village in order to deliver them Christmas presents.)

Still I really cant find any fault with this series. The feelings and happiness I felt watching Arale interact with citizens of Penguin Village fills me with great joy. One of my favorite arcs in the old anime was when Arale meets Obotchaman or as he was initially called Carmel Man 04, or there was another one when the entire town goes after the animated Akira Toriyama as he tries to figure out what to do next with the story line. I didn’t realize this as a child, but yes the characters in Dr. Slump were drawn to know that they were acting along with a manga that was drawn by Toriyama.

Arale’s happiness and crazy yet innocent personality inspires me to want to be like her in some manner. I use her so far as my eternal twitter-icon and background. I truly truly wish that more people know more about this series. I am lucky to say that the entire manga series has been released with Viz, and while the manga is not as lively as the anime itself. Theres a great deal of enjoyment watching this children show.

The Cantonese version didn’t keep the Japanese opening, but one thing to note is that the Chinese dubbed opening to Dr. Slump was performed by the late and great Anita Mui!

Recapping California 2012 and thinking about public transportation.

May 6, 2012 Leave a comment

Read more…

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Getting new ideas for this blog.. and Facebook..

November 8, 2009 3 comments

check listOkay trying to do a lot of things at once, so yes and no to updating this blog. Recently saw Otaku Dan’s latest blog entry, in regards about what blog entries failed to make it past the drawing board or not. I have been trying to look through my own 30+ drafts, some of which I had to toss because it proved time dated.. well there would be some retro updating I imagine, but still.. who would want to read dated news?

What drafts still pervade my box though, these are ideas that have bounced around my head a little bit, but so far I can’t muster up any more ideas to write about it. So this is airing my laundry so to say….

Crossplay, would you do it? – Inspired when I went to Otakon, and saw a friend there – cross playing, but unfortunately my inspiration fizzled. I got to thinking about my standards for cosplaying, and ultimately got glummed out, because even if I take pictures, still haven’t had the time or place actually cosplay my own. . Wish I was more like my Japanese based friends at the moment, since both of them are bigger cosplayers than I am. >_<

Top Ten Listing for Tattoos on Anime Characters for me.  -spoke about writing this with Moritheil, and since I thought of it, did some research and realized my idea was nothing ordinary. I am trying to look for a third anime tattoo. But so far the coolest one I think is out there would be Levi..

Response to Koje Oe’s seriousness or not. – Don’t ask me.. sometimes reading various blogs get my mind all whirlly, but then as time settles.. ugh. >_<Responded to something similar… so was pretty much whacked with how much differences as anime fans are bloggers out there. Besides probably bad karma to probably go and try to pick something.

Queen in Japan – Okay a Japan Probe article on Queen in Japan! I really like some of Freddie Mercury songs, so I wanted to write an entry to recommend this article… but time passed, and the entry became kinda dated, besides who would want to read about my eccentric tastes in American oldies?

[PSP] Pangya Papel Shop – Slight rant on how whack the PSP Pangya Papel shop is as well as the internet game is. >_< Then I realized that I can’t get screen caps.. so that fizzled.

Resolving reasons for what type of video gamer I am.  – Another personal discourse, so to explain myself, but it ended up to my mind, sounding like a whin-ner and, anal self-classifier, cataloger, so too much.. gloomy thoughts. Well I just play games.. so there.

Google Reader/ Wave– Yes my love and hate, confusions, wishlist to Google..

Listening to podcasts, and a perspective.. – Why do I not listen to podcasts, or well I try to. Also if I had time, which pod-casters would I try to listen to.

Photography and anime… – Pretty much a progress report of self with my photography class, and what type of goals or material am I aiming to get. Honestly though, I am so lazy about uploading pictures.. >_< So a perspective..

[Anime Girls] Levi or Two Hand – Do you realize how long have I left this Anime Girls perspective in my draft.. I want to finish I really do…

Figure Collection tingling.. >_< – Updated wishlist for what figures I want to get. Got Sogeking waiting for me in Japan with my friend. I wanna photography, document what figures I still have in boxes.  T_T

Absolute Obedience – I wrote about this game before, and wanted to do an un-teempt update, but then I moved my other entry over to fujochic. So will probably be talking about a progress in this game. But since my computer crashed.. lost the save file, so will have to restart this game for the 3rd time already. Kinda hoping it won’t end up like FF8. I love it to the point where I can’t bear to finish the darn game.

But still I persist. Recently many of my blogs are just re-capping what I read on my Google Reader, which I love and hate. I love for the amount of news I get to read, I hate for the amount of time I spend on it. But this is something I can get away with on my job, with the long hours of ref desk.. kinda unproductive and productive at the same time really. I read a lot of librarian blogs.. so that kinda helps the Japan/Anime blogs I read.

I RSS my entries to Facebook, and I have been having a love/hate thing with Facebook. Yes if you’re reading this Hynavian. I have been trying to fix it, but to no ail. I don’t like my blog going on facebook as Notes, and for it getting comments there, and no comments back here. Still comments is comments, so even if Facebook doesn’t show my  entire blog entry, one of my recent entries – Mayonnaise and Ramen had two comments from friends.

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Black Lagoon 2: Episodes 6-8

December 10, 2006 Leave a comment

I think I’m going to be focusing more on episode 8, because it seems significant. Either way Levy and Rock are back in Japan with the Russian Mafia to make a deal with the Japanese Yakuza. Rock is the interpretor and Levy is the bodyguard. You get to understand in episode 7, Levy’s confusion as to why Rock wouldn’t take this opportunity to back out of being a criminal. Another thing that is strange for me is the fact that Levy and the Russian head is speaking English. It’s to say that they don’t speak Japanese, since they’re foreigners but with a Japanese sounding accent and mixed with Japanese… that’s just plain strange.

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Black Lagoon: Episode 6

November 12, 2006 Leave a comment

People might feel bored by my blog because this is a majority of my entries. Can’t help it if this is the only anime I actually feel caught by…. this anime is actually quite funny in some parts.

The Chinese lady bounty hunter died I think, shot by Edna….. I was actually attracted to her character in spite of her horrible Mandarin, that’s what you get if you’re not Chinese yourself and only acting it.

Still this episode was filled with much action and clue revealers for character backgrounds. Edna’s acutally CIA, wonder how this will put her against Levy and the Black Lagoon. Oh and Benny has a love interest, or maybe one night stand with Jane. Hehe..

Then there are the prominent singling out of certain villians that won’t die. They’re kinda bad, but not really just life’s circumstances. Still next episode they’re going to maybe more on Rock’s background?


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Black Lagoon: Episode 5

November 11, 2006 2 comments

Didn’t really talk much about the ending of the last episode, but Edna and Levy introduces Jane to a cheap motel to stay at, the cincher though is the fact that every bounty hunter will be after Jane’s head when Mr. Elvis hires them at a $1000 a hunter to complete this job of bringing back Jane.

This episode starts with Edna, Levy and Rock waiting for Jane in a car. Edna already thought that this would happen so she left signs for Jane to escape from death. Well Jane gets chased and the other bounty hunters realize that Edna and Levy are helping Jane, so they upped the cost to $30,000 a head for the chase.

Nothing really siginficiant happened in this episode that really had me as excited as last episode.. although I feel that with the art being not up to par, what I like about the art is the stark realistic feel of it… so I did some screen caps of some parts I felt really liking for.


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