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Black Lagoon: Episode 4

November 5, 2006 Leave a comment

Just after a week of worrying how they will catch up with the storyline and after a friend told me the art was terrible for this series. I am once again feeling quite overwhelemed by this series.. this is soooo cool!!!!!!!!!!! Or feeling soo cul as Arale would say.

Even if the translations might not exactly mean what they’re saying, but the words definitely fit the subs. The dialogue is quite dynamic. Jane, a new character, was chased by a mob, went to claim sanctuary at the church and when she reach Eda’s church. (Eda’s an asassin like Levy, but also has the double role of being a sister for the Catholic chruch.)

Eda didn’t want to help Jane and said that God was in Vegas, so that Jane should come back on Judgement Day… Now the reason why Jane was chased is that she didn’t deliver on what she was comissioned for, counterifeit money for them. So the mob felt cheated and wants to demand compensation.

The mob reached the church and the leader of the mob, a Mr. Elvis fired a shot that went through the church door. At front of the alter, Levy was sitting and holding a glass of whiskey. The bullet shattered her cup and she became pissed off.

I watched as another shoot out scene occurs and I was like O_O. The shooting scenes may get redudent, just the antagonist shooting at the protagonists, but at moments like this I feel like a kid playing with action figures. Black Lagoon is a pretty violent anime, but still very cool. What an influence on people’s minds right? I can’t stand watching violence in real life, but give me an anime and I’m happy as a pie.

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Black Lagoon: Episode 3

October 27, 2006 Leave a comment

I actually cried at the conclusion of this episode…. it was quite final and sad. I think this would be a great OVA arc instead of part of the main TV series. Because after this story, I don’t know where Black Lagoon go. From the previews, I can see that they’ll be focusing on the nunnery next time.

From the last time, the twins were in a wave of gunshots after Hotel Moscow placed a bounty on their heads. In this episode they split up and unfortunately met their ultimate demise.

The twins are disposed children from a tyrant ran European country, when the government of that country collapsed, the militia ran the countries and these children were made into slaves of the officers. In an awful scenario like

Since they were left on their own a lot with no one to trust in, these twins engaged in an incestuous relationship. The twins had their target on Hotel Moscow, and split up to engage the enemy. The boy first met his death, as his legs and arms were shot off, he started to cry. I shudder at the words he uttered. While his eyes look so innocent like a child, his intent was not.

I can’t understand if the twins were vampires or not, their teeth was so pointed. When the lady of Hotel Moscow said, “No One Lives Forever.” It can only reflect on the fragility of life. The twins did until the end, believe that they will live forever and be eternal living the life that their victims couldn’t.

With then there was more clues of the twins life as Rock spoke with the girl. Black Lagoon took her as a client and in the end watched as she died. This show is so much not for kids to watch that it should be rated R or over. If Americans do dub as the company is Gennon, then there should be heavy editing due to the taboo subjects covered in this episode. But if they edit then that would make the whole series look bad beyond belief.

I have to say, the lighting in this episode was so life like and realistic. I went on a screen capturing bonanza today.. took a lot, so enjoy I think.


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Black Lagoon: Episode 2

October 15, 2006 Leave a comment

Oh my.. this anime is so not meant for children that it so obviously points it out. I just saw a stripper with her breasts hanging out. Still I liked this episode and is waiting for the next one with some anticipation.

Let’s see.. in this episode people get to understand how the twins ended up the way they were… children of an overthrown dictator, they got sold into the black market and made into sex slaves. While being a sex slave, they were forced by their captors to torture and kill others like them. Their minds eventually snapped and to survive, they learned what they can to kill and maim others.

In this episode a manhunt was called by the Russian Mafia, while the twins committ a killing spree to another mafia group.

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Black Lagoon: The Second Barrage – Episode 1

October 6, 2006 Leave a comment

Much of the anticipation that I have in the fall, other than the beginnings of the academic year is the start of new seasons in anime. Like sitcoms or shows on television, anime has a same cycle like televised shows.

One of the shows I’ve been waiting for since the spring is Black Lagoon, to which I just saw the first episode today and it’s absolutly delicious…. with the new villans: Twin assassins with the appearance of children from the Village of the Damned. Something to deal with vampries and blood this season.

Last seaosn when the show first began, I heard comparisions to it being the South China Sea pirate form of Cowboy Bebop. Bounty Hunters that live on the edge of society, suriving with sharp wits and abilties to make them get jobs or be feared. The anime still has the same opening and ending, so that’s a nice comfort.

Let’s see the whole premises of this season began with someone targeting the Russian Mafia, Hotel Moscow. The childrens, captured and tortured to death one of the subordinates. Seems very interesthing as more characters from last season pop up.

I’m so interested in seeing the rest of this season, as undoubtly more of the Black Lagoon’s character past will be revealed.

Included is the picture of the crew: Benny, Rock, Levi, and Dutch.


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