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Cooking Mama 2: Dinner with Friends

March 11, 2008 Leave a comment

Ahh a second part of Cooking Mama… oh how I want to be able to cook.. well I can pretend with this game. I cannot promise that I can cook as well in real life.  I wrote an earlier entry on the first game.

Pros about this game is that there is more features of the game to explore, there’s a section where there is a specific dishes to prepare for Mama’s friends. Some customizable images that the player can win if there is enough bonus is also garnered. This is a game that is meant for children, but it seems to be good if you want to imagine how to prepare the recipes in real life.

The cons, since there are several glaring ones.. the game gets redundant and boring in doing certain actions. There is also Mama’s speaking voice.. she has the most accented voice you can find. The game is  dumbed down in the requirements.. although there is one cooking method I can not get which is boiling a certain ingredient when the button on the stove moves back and forth.  I believe that I am nearing the end of the game though.  So this is an easy game to get through, with some warnings on scratching up the touch screen.


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Pokemon Diamond Woes..

May 6, 2007 3 comments

I was thinking of writing a short entry regarding this… as of now.. while my DS is on the charger….. Pokemon woes… Reaching the 8th city to fight for the electric badge and just feeling bad at my catching pokemon abilities. I finally managed to catch all the Unkonwns.. except for one, I expect having to make another trip there… >_< Just for the ! sign… Have to find a Pokemon with Quirky nature otherwise I’ll trade for it. Need to go and catch a Hoot Hoot ro complete my Pokedex or try to get through the road leading to Snowpoint gym again. I’m skipping so many trainers.. ugh just like Pokemon battles. I need to train my Pokemon some more… >_< … Then there’s the Elite Four to think about… I can’t just rely on the legendary Pokemons..

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Pokemon Diamond!

April 25, 2007 Leave a comment

I got my copy when it was released on the first day. I was like o_O as I saw the enormous line outside of Nintendo World. Now if only I had a camera to take pictures.. anyhow. I preordered my game at a Game Stop just next door to Nintendo World and as I went in there to pick up my game.. it was empty…. I was the first one on the line to even get the game and I was sooo relieve at not having to wait.. My starter Pokemon is the Piplup, a Water type Pokemon and man am I getting obsessed over the game… just wondering if I will pull out my other Pokemon games to finish like Ranger, Fire Red, Emerald…. Crystal even… >_<()

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Puzzle Quest DS

April 7, 2007 Leave a comment

Well I started to play this game a while ago and to me this is very much like a Bejewled RPG. The link is to the online game version of Bejewled… so if you don’t have DSL speed or Javascript, I wouldn’t suggest you to click this link. I’m just making a point. Read more…

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Pokemon Diamond/Pearl

February 2, 2007 4 comments

Man what game should I get, get Pearl or get Diamond? Aaarrgg!!!! The game is out in Japan already and from what I read of various blogs ie: DS Fanboy, it is the fastest selling Pokemon game, so yay!!! I’m so waiting for it to come out in America.

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Pokemon Ranger

November 21, 2006 Leave a comment

In this past fall, they release two Pokemon games, Mystery Dungeon and this one, Ranger…. There is still Diamond and Pearl that is yet to be release, but I’m still waiting for it. Either way, I started to play Ranger and it’s a bit tricky, one of the tricky features is to use the stylus to cricle around Pokemon for capturing them, kinda annoying as well. Still a game is a game and I’ll either finish it or I won’t.

As for Pokemon’s Mystery Dungeon, I finished the game and it was simple enough. I cried at the ending, but the ending was quite alright.

I really can’t wait until the Diamond and Pearl comes out. I can’t seem to finish playing Emerald or Ruby, but maybe I can finish either Pearl or Diamond. I figure I’ll get the game based on whether or not my friend gets either game and I’ll get the opposite game.

This is what the character I chose appears like with the partner Pokemon.


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Animal Crossing

September 28, 2006 Leave a comment

I’m so excited in waiting for the movie to come out! Currently this is a highly popular game on the Gamecube and the DS. I have my own copy on the DS… and the purpose of this game is to literally live in a town that you’ve created with animal neighbors. Events happen on a real time basics and different things happen as every day you live your life, making bells (money) or making friends with your neighbors.

There’s also a chance to stock up your town’s museum with exhibits in bugs, fossils, fish and paintings. As a character you can also create a fashion policy in dress for others and decorate or expand your house. Experience the changing seasons, with different seasonal events occuring like festivals or contests… go visit other friend’s towns through Wi-fi… and most of all just don’t just dashing around like a lunatic.

There is also an eccentric cast of characters that appear in your town like Crazy Redd’s, Wendall, Joan and Gracie.. there’s also that White not to be named cat and Lost Kitten…

The official homepage for this movie is here. The bad thing is that it is in Japanese.. for any other activity, there’s this site to check out.

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Cooking Mama

September 27, 2006 1 comment

This is a game that was released in America last month. Cooking Mama is a DS platform game that has you, the player, cooking various meals with the use of the stylus and touchscreen. As you go through the steps of preparing each dish, there sometimes comes an option to change your recipe to another dish. Then there is the whole process of unlocking more recipes.

I believe that this is a great game to have or try out. I’ve been getting mediocre food scores, but I know this game introduces players to the idea of cooking. With more time spent on the game, then improvement is bound to occur in the process of fine tuning your hand with the stylus.

In real life, it has always been an idea of mine to learn more about cooking and while my process of going to Culinary school was dashed…. I’ve always remained an avid fan of cook shows and the Food Network. Enjoying good food is an enjoyment of life…. picky eating also ensures good eats.


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