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Pay to pay vs. Free to play mmo’s a short thought..

October 4, 2009 5 comments

free play

Well this gaming concept that I realized was out there, was basically confirmed by JP and Hinano during their NYAF panel. I did take some notes for my con report, so I summed it up there.

After the con, as I spoke with my friend Maewen and she said in a pretty much dead pan voice that “Free to Play” games MMO’s SUCKED.. of course I started to lol.. I recall in the past how she said she hated all the money she dumped into Aeria games and for nothing, so yes – I see my friend going somewhere with her gaming.

Soooo… Yes… on the computer, I am pretty much a causal gamer.. and yet I can’t help, but feel pretty tempted by the goods you can get if you can play them. I got swayed to throw money so far on, and Pet society.. and I like… need to play.. >_< Must get cute things.. I actually think that Pet Society would be something my friend would like to play, but she hasn’t got started on that yet actually.

This is a random entry, have a lot of semi-drafted entries out, so what would you think? Still waiting on a post entry to be placed onto Yoroshiku, Kairu did mention something like a natural disaster hitting where he is. >_<

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Pangya, Free Realms, and DOMO in general..

August 4, 2009 4 comments

This summer, one of the things I have continued on from the spring is to play MMO’s….


Pangya is my first MMO, and after the constant issues I see with it, either not getting on the server myself or via Hinano’s game blog. I finally had to start a new name. This is a cap of a recent round I was doing.

I don’t see myself as a successful gamer – even though I purchase the amount of games I do. My motto for Pangya is to hit the comet into a safe area, as close to the hole as possible. At this time, without a lot of practice, I don’t know if I can even use the items or do any special shots, even though it is a matter of timing, and pressing on the keyboard. I kinda think of this being a turtle and hare race. So even if I am not that good, at least there is some point to play the game. I purchased the PSP version of Pangya, so let’s see how that would go eh..?

DOMO… another game I am trying out with 801Megane and Hynavian as friends. So confused with the job selection… just don’t know if I am motivated.It seems really pretty though, and pretty strange.

Then there is Free Realms. That I actually threw $5 to purchase pets. It is the easiest game out of these three,that I find myself having slightly a bit more fun in. However because of timing, haven’t spend on it as much as I want. (Sighs)

Summer is ending soon…sooner than I had imagined.

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Princess Waltz Impressions- Eroge Game with Five Princesses and Two Princes.

April 27, 2009 19 comments


Princess Waltz is definitely an eroge game, that doesn’t really need to have the sex scenes for the plot line, but because the male lead has to raise affinity with the princesses for a reason, there are seven sex scenes. The sex scenes are okay. Some of them are kinda stereotypical others were all right. Still this game has less ecchi scenes than Yin-Yang X-change Alternative or perhaps Figures of Happiness, thus proving my opinion that this game does not need sex to progress!


This review will have some minor spoilers, so if you did not finish the game yet, if you want to be spoiled then up to you.

Getting thru this game once was no problem on my part, but to get to the other ending, thus unlocking the images, and scenes… that’s where it gets tedious. I am pretty impatient, and would rather read an erotica novel, than having to sit thru parts like this, so I was skipping a lot..>_<

Still in Princess Waltz, there are some interesting details, like the card system to battle the enemies.  I didn’t really understand the concept of the point system, but knew that if I had to go with getting the initiative, match a higher number like that card game I declare War. After three endings, I finally figure out how to level my characters…so let’s just say I didn’t really want to master this card game system as much as I did for other games I played in the past. Another eroge game I saw with a similar feature was Lightning Warrior Raidy. I believe the eroge games are trying the angle for being more of a strategy aspect, rather than straight thru text reading. It seems kinda interesting, but not really useful, after three times playing thru the same scene after scene.

As Arate, you get to sleep with six girls. Yes even Chris is a girl, but there’s a back story on why she is the prince. I am not talking about Iris. I’ll never finish this post  on time if I do! Chris is also Arate’s number one, so the other girls, are all like follower-upers.. Not such a good concept for the one true pairing fan in me. Still you get thru their sex scenes so early in the game, that by the time, to replay for the other princesses. I was already not thrilled already. Also even though Arata is a virgin at the beginning of the game, they made Arata like in other eroge games  – where he became a sex god after a while, and all girls should salivate and drop like flies around him. That seemingly made him to be quite superficial… as a computer character probably is, it was what made the back story of the game interesting to play thru once or twice.

So far of all the guy characters I like in eroge games.. the one I like the most is Touya in Yin Yang, as being a realistic romantic character. I might have forgotten to mention it in the other post, since I was blushing at that time.. but reading the part about Touya as an ending felt like reading an erotic novel to me. That I don’t mind at all. >_<

Back to Princess Waltz tho…

Chris– I mention that she had the earliest sex scenes, because something does happen to her. I felt that Arata had the best lines for her. I actually was tearing up a bit, as I heard what Arata vowed. Still her determination to become the prince made the relationship really strange. In terms of ero, there is actually two ecchi scenes. In Arata’s bedroom, and at school. As the ending of the game finally came about, it seems as though Chris went back to be coming more Prince like, so I was like.. >_< Her sex scenes and some of the other princesses had a great deal of semen activity, and I am not sure if this is like that in real life, but I was like.. ugh.. they Marty Stu him to being  a sex champion, taking everyone’s virginity.

Angela – She’s a headstrong princess… When I first saw her in the game, I though that there might be some lesbian scenes. I looked at her and thought wow she’s so confident that it seems like she’ll get a very neat scene.. Arata and Angela had sex in the hotel.. and it was all right. Compared to the other princesses though, she is the most assured and realistic of what she wants, and is not such a heel in her actions like the other princesses.

This was one line I thought was kinda interesting from her.. “You’re trying to take away my chastity, so please don’t give me a wimpy line like that.”

Suzushiro– Now she was a surprise. She is the childhood friend of Chris, and is in love with her. She is also like Angela with the implied lesbian scenario that I though. Her personality is very much like a closeted maiden, but upon closer examination. There is a complete different realization. She had one of the most varied position in the ecchi department, and they had sex in the bedroom. Still there is maiden tendencies.

Oh and some edit mishaps. I was playing thru Suzushio’s ending, and got to this line ” She quickly presses her knees together and leans on my to hide herself.” Notice the blank there.. what is that? His thighs?

Lun Lun or Liliana– I never expected her to be that much of a pairing with Arata. They did kiss and all, but I always thought she had that fan girl mentality. But she’s the type of character that you can never know by an open book. She has that innocent look about her, but I felt very annoyed by her in the ero aspect. She was the type that would give and give, and never really take. They had sex in his bed room.  She did have one of the best fighting scenes ever, with some of the most varied attack styles.

Liesel– Okay the princess who was considered to be a back stabber at the beginning. I didn’t like her much, for the surprise attack, but when she was defeated. It was a pretty strong scene. She has a low self-esteem and was a strategist.  Still she had an interesting  ecchi scene. Her breasts are considered bigger than Angela’s. Arata and Liesel had sex in the bathroom.

Shizuka– What to say about her, she is a princess.. and she’s also Arata’s adopted older sister, a model housewife. Her identity as a princess is only revealed in one ending, and that is the first image on top, while the others endings has it where she is referred to as the Beast Princess, and her identity is never revealed. Incest issues much? Arata and Shizuka had sex in her bedroom. She has an obvious rivalry with Angela, and if there is a fnadom for this game, I would imagine Angela x Shizuka pairing. I wouldn’t be too surprised if there were any yuri dojinshis for her.

As for ages of the princesses, Arata and Chris. I can only imagine that, Angela, Liliana and Shizuka are considered older than Arata. Liesel and Chris are the same age as Arata. Suzushiro might be a year younger or not. Can’t really remember now. I took about a month playing this game,with a two week break in between of this game.

Music for many parts, sounds like 90’s bedtime music. Lots of those really soft jazz glass/bells sounds for the sex scenes. It got old pretty fast, and I was at some points wanting to mute the sound button..

One more con about this game, and probably for other eroge games, is how often the scene does not match the text, they mention finger touching where, and should make that illustration. The fact that they only showed the girl’s reaction makes the scene kinda dull.

So my final impression of this game, was that this is a dramatic game with a few LOL moments with some of the supporting characters namely the Dragon and whale, but the fact that it was so repetitious, with only one ending to go for…  it made the game iffy and not really re playable in the long run. The second picture that I got up there, after that first picture is technically how the game should look when you get all the endings. Second chapter indicates that the bad ending is technically over.

My review, and playing of this game is several years behind, and another more technical review of this game, should be this one at Eroge Review.

Oh and for those who do not know what this game is, in spite of my ranting and looong review on it.. check out the youtube opening.

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Ergo Brief Review: Yin Yang X-Change Alternative

February 2, 2009 1 comment


I have never played any of the other games in this series, and wonder if I i’ll get spammed or censored for even mentioning about this game.. but it was an all right game. There were some memorable parts.. and 12 endings to finish the game, with the usual collection of images and movie screens. Some characters had multiple endings, while others had only one ending. In a scneario that was very much like Ranma 1/2 is the underlying premises of this game, would Kaoru end up as a girl or go back to being a guy?

I guess my favorite female in this game would be Sakuya while my favorite guy is Touya. Kaoru does have several endings and positions with these two characters. There are also a lot more other sexual positions or the other stories.. so let’s not say anything else. Next ero game when mood stricks again to play it would probaly be finishing either Absolute Obedience or finishing Kana.

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Sims 2

December 19, 2006 Leave a comment

Well I’m an enthusiast for the game.. that doesn’t mean that I’m very good at the game. I just got Sims 2 and three other expansion packs: University, Pets and Open for Business. Might want to get Nightlife soon. I’ve always been a fan for the console games, for the PS2, GBA and DS… I have had the hardest time in playing this game, still I will try to do my best to combat this games as with the other games I brought, may it be video game or visual novels.

In playing Sims 2, you get to alter the way the character looks and live their life. Usually I would put the name of Miz and then go for the aspiration of Knowledge to be a perfectionist in what I do.

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