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[PSP] Fantasy Golf Pangya or just Pangya PSP

August 17, 2009 Leave a comment

Yes the ending of the summer is near, and yes the weather really sucks.. heat is pretty nuts.. but have been staying away from the PC MMO’s for about two weeks now. Working on a newsletter and is nearing publication, just waiting for one more article. I really don’t want to nag the writer. But I imagine that is all right. Next time I will be having a co-editor for assistance really. But what else to write..

Pangya – I really got obsessed with playing this game, and yes there are different references even between the two games versions. PSP and PC version. I got the PSP version for a reasonable price, after watching @Starcreator play with his during Otakon.

Earning Peng is pretty hard, since my skill with the strokes is what I am slowly trying to improve on I am doing, but the storyline is pretty good, this is one example I would really like to be made into an anime, that I would watched. The last game that struck my fancy like that was Nintendo’s Animal Crossing, which got made into an animated movie. There are also pretty nice outfits, items, and accessories…really want to collect them all!

So far am up to the storyline of Cecilla, and just passed the tutorial for Tomahawk shot.. so even if I can’t manage it on the PC version, at least I’ll be able to succeed in it with the PSP.

Here is the youtube video for the trailer:

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