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Guest MMF: Thoughts on Fumi Yoshinaga’s appeal for a fan.

August 20, 2011 2 comments

The Moon and the Sandals Japanese Covers

A couple of months ago when I learned about this MMF, I immediately told a friend who is a  fan of Yoshinaga’s works and wanted to see if she would want to participate. Now, I am glad to be hosting her words on scribblings for  participation in this MMF. I present to the world (internet), words from my friend Rai.
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The Utada ”In The Flesh” UK Experience!

February 12, 2010 12 comments

Guest written by Braz_Ed

Edits: Added some pictures, courtesy of Braz_Ed’s Twitpic page and from Utada’s Messages…

OMG my #Utada tickets arrived! Look they r so beautiful *_* #... on Twitpic

So I am still thinking about last night and what a show Utada gave! It was……AMAZING.

I came back home thinking I NEED to tell the world about this LoL. And since a lot of fans couldn’t make it to the London shows etc , I remembered I read a review made by @animemiz and since I don’t have a blog I asked her if I could write the review and and if she could post it to which she agreed ( Thank You) ^.^

So first things first, let get the bad things out of the way first okay because as I said I want everyone to remember the good stuff!

I heard some people were on line since 8AM and it was FREEZING on Thursday here in London. The night before, it was apparently -6 degrees Celsius so you can only imagine what it could feel like

As I was working and had permission to leave early. I got to the line around half past four. My brother was already there, there was still very few people maybe 20 people but then some people were cutting the line and wouldn’t even care! (Ugly face for you guys)

Oh BTW if you are going to a show with your girlfriend I understand you want to cuddle and stuff, but ALL THE TIME?? – there was a couple in front of me a short Chinese man and his girlfriend who was a bit taller than him, I think he had issues with other people because he was protecting his GF and like kept pushing me back and he was making sure his girlfriend had space to dance and do whatever, but after the first half of the show he kind of got tired (Thank God). This was an aspect that was VERY annoying, in other aspects things can be worse though =/

Oh the people from the Venue 02 Islington were really badly organised.

Last but definitly not least, DJ Marlene who was there to replace DJ Mike Rezzo was soo BAD! She came on stage, didn’t even say hello and didn’t introduce herself and she didnt work the crowed at all! She played two well known tune’s : one by the Japanese all girl band ”The’s ” and another song that plays in the movie ”Ocean’s 13” or 12 or whatever… And apparently SHE was a Man! :O


After all the waiting in the cold,the awful sound of DJ Marlene and the guys arranging the instruments,

The stage for #Utada's show! #Ublog on Twitpic

The lights go Dim, the band is in place…suddenly we hear a familiar sound,starting really low and getting higher and higher…..


She looks like a rock star and I got to say this, the clothes she picked for this show in my opinion, was THE BEST ONE SO FAR!

She wore like some crazy black and white pants, each colour on one side of her legs, black hills,a black dress (?) on top of her pants with some feathers and a white half of a shirt (?) , some black bracelets and a star ring!

She started singing On and On…the crowed went wild and we were sooo close! I couldn’t believe it! The stage was very small too….but that was a good thing because it made it all very intimate in a way. Here’s her set list and its not so different from animemiz’s NYC set list except I believe that she didn’t sing  Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence right after On and On but Poppin‘  then Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence‘ but i may be wrong because I dont remember it very well. (Sorry if I gave the wrong set list)

Opening (from Exodus)
On and On
Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence
This One (Crying like a Child)
Passion / Sanctuary
Sakura Drops
Stay Gold
Devil Inside
Kremlin Dusk
You Make Me Want to Be a Man
The Bitter End (Placebo cover)
Apple and Cinnamon
Come Back To Me
First Love
Can You Keep A Secret?
Dirty Desire

Simple and Clean
Me Muero

Okay, she also made as well lots of comments at this show, I am going to try to remember them just like animemiz did. LoL promise not to cut and paste:

– She greeted us and made some comments, mostly on the English accent that was very funny

-The crowed started shouting lots of ” Paris Loves You” ”Italy Loves You” and I shouted ”Brazil Loves you” to which she made a face like ”How random” LoL very funny. She only responded to a Paris I Love You by saying ” Je T’adore”

– She said as well that she was CONSIDERING moving to London for real! People went wild! And that she liked it very much and the only other place she could see herself living in is San Francisco but that she couldn’t actually live there

– There was a girl who kept shouting ”Marry me” she commented on that by saying : “There’s a small voice shouting and I think it is a girl saying ‘Marry me’ LOL well in some countrys” Everyone started laughing

– When she was going to play the piano one of the crew member almost hit the microphone on her mouth. she got scared at that point, remarking by wow that could have chipped my tooth

-Before singing Apple and Cinnamon she said London was very rainy, but she liked that because in Japan people value rain alot and she grew up somewhere like that as well and that some of her songs always have rain in it.

-When she was introducing the band she introduced the Brazilian guitar player and said this is Rafael Moreira and started laughing and said he is Brazilian as well and said look there a Brazilian guy out there as well ( I think people know me as the crazy Brazilian guy) and pointed at us and waved! AWESOME!

To wrap this up because I think i said too much,

It was an AMAZING show, and I feel so blessed that I was there at her first European concert and made history with her! I wanted her to notice as well, that she has brazilians fans, because she does. There are so many Brazilians that actually know her and like her, so I was happy to get noticed.

I got the guitar pick that Rafael threw! So happy! #utada #ublog on Twitpic

Oh and I got the guitar pick Rafael threw! LoL very happy!

Wanted the ball though =/

It doesn’t matter, because it was all worth it.. the cold, the bad dj,the waiting…

God Bless Utada !

P.S Some youtube videos of the UK show:

First Love


Sakura Drops

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