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Galileo Movie Theme and Info..

July 22, 2008 4 comments

I was reading one of my blogs on Japanese entertainment and got the tidbit for this information. I really like parts to of the drama, save the ending, so I’ll be pretty happy to see this movie.

Fukuyama Masaharu (39) and Shibasaki Koh (26) are to provide the theme song for the upcoming big screen adaptation of the successful TV drama series “Galileo.” The pair are reviving their roles, as a physics genius and a detective who combine their skills to catch a variety of criminals, for the movie “Yogisha X no Kenshin.” And with both having established music careers, collaborating on the movie’s theme song was a logical decision. Under the name Koh+, Koh will sing the ballad “Saiai,” which was written, composed and produced by Fukuyama. Though he has a long-established singing and acting career, this film is actually his first movie starring role. Directed by Nishitani Hiroshi, the movie will be in theaters from October 4.

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Abducted Japanese citizens free anime movie

April 19, 2008 Leave a comment

I noticed this story as an entry the other day on my feed reader. The story of Japanese citizens being taken by North Korea. For whatever reason I am unsure of… human rights violation is what would be committed. The movie is available for free download here and in several different languages (English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean.) It is around 25 minutes long. This is about a family’s unwillingness to accept that their daughter Megumi who disappeared and later revealed as a North Korea abducted is dead.

The art for the video seems to be directed by Satoshi Kon.

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Trick – the movie

April 9, 2008 Leave a comment

This is not the 1999 movie, rather it is the drama’s movie. The premises of the movie is of the duo, Naoko and the doctor visit a village on the request of a guy to look for his childhood friend that disappeared. On the way to the ending, they exposed a witch doctor’s true intentions to a village.

I am a little iffy about the tv series, but there are rather funny moments in this movie that stood out.

Things like when the doctor used the Luffy signature move or how Naoko’s mother tried to run for a council role based on her skill with drawing characters.  Others things were pretty exaggerated…such as how is it that the girl stayed in that tight cramp spot for so many years. Also the part when the villegers were force to do that hand motion – Nice to meet you.. now that was silly.

Here is a link to the drama- wiki page.

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April 21, 2007 1 comment

I am not talking about the seasoning.. rather I am talking about the latest Satoshi Kon movie, he directed Tokyo Godfathers, Milleniumn Actress, Paranoia Agent, Perfect Blue.. oh while he is not a director I would watch exclusively for like Miyazaki Hayao , I do appreciate the twists that his movies has. Read more…

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Animal Crossing

September 28, 2006 Leave a comment

I’m so excited in waiting for the movie to come out! Currently this is a highly popular game on the Gamecube and the DS. I have my own copy on the DS… and the purpose of this game is to literally live in a town that you’ve created with animal neighbors. Events happen on a real time basics and different things happen as every day you live your life, making bells (money) or making friends with your neighbors.

There’s also a chance to stock up your town’s museum with exhibits in bugs, fossils, fish and paintings. As a character you can also create a fashion policy in dress for others and decorate or expand your house. Experience the changing seasons, with different seasonal events occuring like festivals or contests… go visit other friend’s towns through Wi-fi… and most of all just don’t just dashing around like a lunatic.

There is also an eccentric cast of characters that appear in your town like Crazy Redd’s, Wendall, Joan and Gracie.. there’s also that White not to be named cat and Lost Kitten…

The official homepage for this movie is here. The bad thing is that it is in Japanese.. for any other activity, there’s this site to check out.

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