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One Piece: Episode 322-323

September 30, 2007 2 comments

Finally!!!! I get a special treat.. to watch two episodes at once. Read more…

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One Piece: Episode 320-321

September 1, 2007 Leave a comment

Finally! I get the chance to watch these two touching, funny episodes. I can’t be too sure if these episodes were still fillers or not, but it does bring the story closer to the next arc, which I am sure – will be the next season in the fall. Episode 322 and 323, certainly won’t be airing until next moth.. so I’ll have to play the wait game then. Read more…

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One Piece: Super Best short DVD review

September 1, 2007 Leave a comment

I had recently listened/watch the 10th Anniversary Release of One Piece’s Super Best. It was a limited release, so that meant it was a double disc with audio cd and DVD.

On the DVD disc, on the root menu… there options for the creditless 26 Openings and Endings, with a scene selector option as well. Then there is the Sogeking music video.

Then the hight light for me came in the form of a brief recap of the seasons.

  • Season 1 was the beginning at East Blue. Meeting Ussop, Sanji and Nami. Season 1 ends with Louge Town.
  • Season 2 had the Mugiwara entering the Grand Line, meeting Laboon, Miss. Wednesday aka Princess Vivi, the conflict of Whiskey Peak, meeting the Elbaf soliders.
  • Season 3 introduced Chopper at Drum Island.
  • Season 4 was the Alabasta Arc.
  • Season 5 had nothing but anime fillers – Robin joins the crew.
  • Season 6 is the Skypia Arc
  • Season 7 was with the Davey Fights Back Tournaments.
  • Season 8 began with Water 7, the introductions of the CP9, Franky and the capture of Robin. This is the season where the Enis Lobby Arc occurred.
  • Season 9 is bound to be Florian Triangle.

The rest of the DVD had recaps of the TV specials, and was all about a good purchase for wanting to be reminded of this very long series. It definitely reminded me of the happy memories I have of this wonderful series.

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One Piece -Recap of Episodes 313-319

August 14, 2007 1 comment

Okay, pretty much been a bit to busy to even take the time as I had last semester to write on One Piece, so I shall do a quick review/impression of the episodes.

To summarize, these episodes with the exception of 314, is pretty much fillers until I believe 320. To make a long story short.. I find myself enjoying the fillers of Bleach, more than this – although One Piece is still good in a slow about way.

I’m pretty anxious for the Florian Triangle arc to begin…

Read more…

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One Piece: Episode 312 – Farewell Merry.

June 18, 2007 Leave a comment

This was such a profound episode, I was actually in tears throughout this entire episode. The last episode, had all of Mugiwara and their friends jumping into the ocean and Merry catching them. Read more…

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One Piece: Episode 311

June 2, 2007 Leave a comment

Got to see this episode and was more pleased with this episode, but feeling a little sad with the preview of 312 and the focus on Going Merry. Read more…

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One Piece: Episode 310

May 27, 2007 Leave a comment

Okay I watch this episode several days ago. Not sure of my feelings in this episode, I didn’t really like it as much as I liked in 309. Some good parts and some parts that actually made me feel nauseous. Nauseous in the fact that people kept saying to jump into the sea. Read more…

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One Piece: Episode 309

May 21, 2007 3 comments

I know I know, I am late in saying anything about this episode, but this episode was soooo exciting! The action, the fighting… I am in love and can’t wait for the next episode…! So many great battles in this scene. Of course my mom thought I was a lunatic…for yelling at the screen, but this episode was that exciting. I had the same feeling of happiness as I did when I was Arlong or Crocodile fall. Read more…

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