Aria Manga Movable Feast

For March 2011, this month’s Manga Movable Feast is going to be Aria by Kozue Amano. The graphic novel was originally released in English by ADV Manga, but has been picked up and is currently released by Tokyopop. The three animation seasons and OVA is released by Nozomi Entertainment. This will be the page to bookmark, as it would be the page to list all links written on this series as submitted for MMF.

Image used for Aria MMF Twitter

Announcing March 2011′s Manga Movable Feast and a Call for Contribution
MMF: About Aria in Manga and Anime
MMF: Similarities in Relationship for Sailor Moon and Aqua
MMF: Rethinking about a seiyuu event and Aria’s music.
MMF: Orange Planet’s own Alice Carroll
MMF: President/Cats or just feline bundles of love?
MMF: Dissecting Neo Venezia as an environment and thinking about Japan
March MMF: Aria/Aqua Series Artbooks (Anime Diet)

Contributions from:

Aaron Kooienga (Manga Power)

Alain Mendez (Manga Village)

Ash Brown (Experiments in Manga)

Connie (Slightly Biased Manga)

Derik Badman (The Panelists)

Dm00 (Drastic My Anime Blog)

Ed Sizemore (MangaWorthReading) (Manga Outloud)

Erica Friedman (Okazu)

Gerjomarty (Anientity)

Jason Green (PLAYBACK:stl)

Johanna Draper Carlson (Manga Worth Reading)

Lori Henderson (Manga Xanadu)

Michelle Smith (Soliloquy in Blue)

Rob McMonigal (Panel Patter)

*Round Table* (Manga Village)

Sean Gaffney (A Case Suitable For Treatment)

TheBigN (Drastic My Anime Blog)

Zzeroparticle (Anime Instrumentality)

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