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Anime Figure – Bonta-kun (ボン太くん)

April 13, 2010 2 comments

I should be working on uploading my Japanese trip’s photos as well as finish my drafts for my trip, but definitely working on it. I was able to pre-order this figure last year when I heard it was coming out from Bandai in Japan. I had it sent to Rai’s home, and so when I saw her this time, I picked it up, and transported it back to the U.S. While this is not officially loot I acquire on my trip, it was something I felt that I obtained, that I saved money in postage and mailing fees for Rai, so that was a satisfaction.

Bonta-kun is a character that appeared primarily in Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu So with my acquiring the anime figure, my dream for acquiring a plushie has gone down slightly. I am still hoping, but with how fast products come and go in Japan. Pretty hopeless. (>_<)

I uploaded the rest of the informal photo shoot up on Flickr, but under the cut are images that I found that was pleasing to my eye, and definitely something I found pleasure in as I experimented with a couple of poses.

One thing to note, this figure does not come with a base, there was an advertisement insert that advertises the ability to purchase a base for Bonta-kun though. Also since this was a figure that was made in China, I had some difficulties and fear of the arms having some joint problems in the future.

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Flashback to Tsukihime..

August 5, 2009 Leave a comment


Last week as I was out in Asahiya, I came across Dengenki‘s August issue and it came with a trove of Tsukihime swag.. I was slightly into this series when I was in college for a very superficial reason – the opening.. yes the opening sucked me it.. with the music and all.. check out this opening and you’ll see what I mean.

The ending is also decent, very reminiscent of Sailor Moon’s first ending really. I saw the opening months before I knew what the story was about, so I was having Sailor Moon remake fantasies.. Anyhow with the way the anime turned out – the series still impressed me to collect the soundtrack for this series.. back to what I got..the magazine. I barely know any Japanese, and to know that my mom will have my head on a spike for getting the magazine. My mom previously grabbed all my older issues of Nakayoshi several years ago and did away with them. But the swag convinced me to pay imported price for this issue.

Pencil Board, and a figure – two goods that caught me hook and sinker.


I doubt that I will be able to get the Princess form of Arcueid, I saw a larger figure of her at K-books 3 at Ikebukuro several months ago, but to purchase a figure that wasn’t on my radar – or like One Piece POP. I didn’t purchase. Did see these collectibles from the same issue, and can only wish as well.


Did get this figure, and is pretty happy.

figure- labeled

Still… wonder what would eventually happen to this figure? At the time present right now, my mom is actually cleaning through the house, so I got in slightly with my act of throwing out papers. Will probably try to do a larger over haul through my book shelf soon as well. So graphic novels will be sold eventually.

Ahh this this also the first slight photo of my figure collection. I look at my larger boxes of POP nearby and Shenhua, and eventually if I have the mood and the space – will try to do a photoshoot of them. ^_^

Recently on Yoroshiku, I was writing about what can make a character be liked obsessively, and with my semi-updated Anime Girls on feature – I do wonder often why that would happen. I was reading pretty good responses, and to see Arcueid. I can say that I got to like her on a very superficial level. (The opening) God the way she fell off that building.. the poise, grace, sacrifice, and the hair.. (sends shudders down my back).

I was pretty surprised by her back story when I saw the anime several years ago. I never played the video game, even though I have an artbook I purchased that is obviously based on the game courtesy of Akihabara’s Book Off.. So even if I do mention her here, superficially I can say that she won’t be on my top character list, but I do like her though..

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