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Creased Magazine, magazine with interesting diagrams.

February 11, 2011 Leave a comment

Other than the search for a job and writing, I got this in the mail recently, and is at some points trying to tackle some folding project in it. Just really need to find a solid desk and a good light, since my bed and laptop desk is really not a conductive space for folding.

Creased Magazine is a subscription I began this year, and there are several options for subscriptions in this bi-monthly print subscription. Other than paying for the magazine, which is filled with various examples of letter folds, animals, and modulars, I also got a POP year’s subscription it it.

POP means that on top of the magazine, Creased will send me a featured packet of paper with every issue for a year. This month they had a insert of Korean paper, of which I got more paper at a later time. I am crossing fingers on them getting paper from Hong Kong sooner or later, since the shop I go to in Chinatown is seriously being depleted of its paper.

In the magazine itself, there is also a challenge to submit 12 step origami. Folding and creating a paper fold variation seem to be yet another step in developing a life long hobby of paper folding.

Some updates for my origami folding at the moment. I tried folding the GFF modular, but it falls apart, since it turns into mushy-gami. Still I look at a friend’s finished product and resolves to do a bit more. It probably is my skill so far… (sighs)

Oh another note, in the process of still going through with folding 20+ Estella’s with a origami stem for an ATC that I am delivering with Sok to trade at Netherlands for me.

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Origami and slight random updates.

January 17, 2011 Leave a comment

So yes winter is banking pretty much in New York City, and what else can I do, other than think about warmer weather. Job hunting is certainly something that is done on a flurry of on/off moments. Rather several things this week as I have my errands to run.

  1. Get to the library to pick up some manga.
  2. Post something for Manga Movable Feast this week.. Karakuri Odette (no this is not related to Swan Princess)

Somethings has happen though, I have been slowly getting back into reading my Google Reader.. very slowly though. My blog reading count is still in the 1000’s but what else to do. I have been on and off Twitter. I think I can control my tweeting to only doing it with my cell phone at some points.

Another is something I find myself going nuts for. Folding paper aka Origami, and for this I happened to get something in the mail on Saturday.

Granted it is the book that is by the organizer of a weekly origami group that I join last fall, but I still find that it is anifty thing to get into. With practice and and a little pocket change one can indeed fold something of interest.

Crease + Fold has origami projects that is not organized by level of origami folding. Rather it is organized by how big the finished product would be.

For a person like me, who is still learning how to read diagrams to fold more projects.  I find that I like the folding explanations toward the beginning. It is not lost in technical jargon, and very layman speech for some parts.

Also another nifty thing about this book, is that every page is in color. So as a visual appreciator, folding can be a bit more tempting to do.

A majority of the projects in this book are explaining about folding animals, but there are some that I find myself wanting to do in the future. Sweetheart Dress, Subway Map Wallet  or a Sakura Blossom. Reading this book does take some time. I am experimenting, and the diagrams does pose some issue, but origami is a rewarding craft in the end.

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Hir@gana Times

August 31, 2010 2 comments

Now I first noticed this Hir@gana Times on, but then I started to find it at NYC’s Kinokuniya, so where do you think I purchase it now? Mostly at Kinokuniya, since I can always run in, and occasionally find a copy there. It is pretty cheap to get, at about $7 to $8 an issue.

Contemplating on whether or not I should put a subscription for it. It has some interesting articles, but it is fun for a Japanese learner – who knows how to read hirgana and still want to know what exactly the articles are about. In Japanese and vice-versa. There are articles on Japanese living, places… ads and while mostly aimed for foreigners living in Japan with advertisements directed at them. There are interesting Japanese living articles.

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CD Review: City Hunter Sound Collection X and Y

August 17, 2010 2 comments

Recently I was staring at my lists of drafts, and a majority of those entries are things I began when I was in Japan. One of these years, need to finish writing about my Japan trip.. even a loot entry is eventually fine. Well Japan trip is going to be started after I finish ever going through all my images on Flickr. For my sporadic updates or not, probably people should count that as an abandoned entries or images right. But for me, those are memories I wish I had more motivation to finish through. But enough about blog/writing complaining.

For classic anime fans, they should know this title. City Hunter, which is a series that was popular during the latter part of the 80’s and early 90’s. Jackie Chan and  Michael Chow did Hong Kong live live action remakes of this title. I also know that South Korea brought the rights for producing this work, although not sure if the project began or not.

I was able to pick up Sound Collection X and Y during my trip. Sound Collection Y- I found in BookOff was what set it off, and Sound Collection X is something I ordered from, and it got to me pretty fast. I have seen these cds in NYC Kinokuniya a long while ago, I lost the opportunity to purchase them, so you can say I snatched them up when I was in Japan.

Sound Collection are both are two-disc cds editions. There are some duplicates if you ever picked up any of City Hunter’s cds/soundtracks. But I found as a collector, that these two cds actually summed up the music of the anime series pretty well.

Sound Collection X has all the openings and endings of all of the anime, and movies vocals. Listening to this soundtrack reminds me of  a similar feel in older music, a majority of the tracks had a action beat to them. Like Angel Night~天使のいる場所~(PSY-S). Some are pretty tracks, no other words to describe it. The lyrics are quite pretty. A majority of them are also great listening music. I really like ~MORE MORE しあわせ(荻野目洋子) which was the theme for Million Dollar Conspiracy. They are also pretty dated, since the music at the 80’s to 90’s was pretty techno-ish. SUPER GIRL(岡村靖幸) or ~SMILE & SMILE(AURA) or ~STILL LOVE HER(失われた風景)(TM Network) fit into that category.

Sound Collection Y, has a majority of the insertion tracks. There are instrumentals, English vocals. My favorite would have to be Nina, since it was part of the.357 Magnum movie, which was my first encounter with this series.

I still have to collect Sound Collection Z, which is a drama cd. I will leave you with a youtube clip of Nina to listen to.

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NYAFF 2010: Third week…

July 23, 2010 Leave a comment

Last week was the last week of 2010’s Japan Cuts… and I was able to catch two more movies.

Villons Wife

Plot -What is the purpose of a marriage? Is it to honor, love, and obey? What happens when there if there is adultery? What then is the worth of a partnership.

Impression -This was a period movie piece, so I was impressed with the acting from the actors in this cast. Granted this is my second opportunity I had to see this movie, I still believe that this is a pretty solid performance from Matsu Takako. She plays a patient, suffering mother/wife splendidly. At times, I thought of different times were, and how valid Takako’s argument was at the end to her husband. What is she to do when she sees her husband obviously cheat on her, and when she has a role to fulfill. I wonder then what would be the reality for this couple, if they were real, as they continue to survive past the movie.

About Her Brother

Plot -There’s always a black sheep in the family, but what happens if something happens, would you shun that black sheep or embrace them?

Impression –  Several surprises, I cried at this movie, and was sad to see it end. I was surprised that Nakai from SMAP had a cameo in this film. This was a slice of life portrayal of how the Japanese families can be quite similar to an American dysfunctional family. It also taps upon death/dying issues, and how a family does cope. It is also rare for me to see divorce mentioned in Japanese movies, so this is a gem of a movie to be enjoyed.

This year, I managed to up, my movie viewing for Japan Cuts, and it is hard to decide which is my top choice. If I had to choose though, it would be a tie between Confessions and King of Thorn. I fully enjoyed my experiences with watching Japanese movies, when normally the chance to see Japanese movies with English subtitles are pretty limited.

NYAFF 2010 – Second Week counting..

July 12, 2010 Leave a comment

This was my second weekend with Japan Cuts, and sad to say that Japan Cuts is about to end soon. Then I would have to wait another year for this to come about. I watched three more movies, this weekend.


Difference between these two trailers, one is the official trailer, and the other is another trailer with feedback from the five main actors with the director.

Plot: How well do people really know one another, even if they are living together in an apartment?

Impression: I saw this movie with special appearances by Isao Yukisada the director and Tatsuya Fujiwara of Death Note, and Battle Royale fame. The movie successfully portrayed the mundane existence of Tokyo youth, and also portrays a darker side to the roommates who live with one another. I wouldn’t mind reading the book that this movie was based from. I recognize a majority of the cast from television dramas, this movie changed my impressions I have made of two actors from their dramas. I was real surprised with who the criminal was in the end. Still I do appreciate some messages that were in this movie, that with emotional dependency, it can often become a monster for an individual. For a person to realize this emotional dependency weakness and mature from it, then that is what growing up should be like.

Crying Out Love, in the Center of the World

Plot: Young love, one lover dies – and years later the surviving lover remembers his deep love, but is coping and to move on to a new relationship.

Impression: I had though that I would cry, during this move, but somehow I couldn’t even shed a tear for this movie – Crying Out Love was a pretty youthful movie, also directed by Isao Yukisada. The director mentions that he feels nostalgic when he re-watches this movie. Similar to Parade, this movie was also talking about youth and was based on a book. There is a television drama of this movie. Shibasaki Kou’s character was made for the movie, but as an interesting tidbit, is that she also sang the theme song for the television series. It was interesting to see how a set was definitely recreated to show the time period of 1986. Then the stunning visual of Australia at the end was quite nice.

King of Thorn

The difference between these two trailers is, one has English and the other is an original Japanese trailer with a clip of the move’s theme song, which I really like.

Plot: Imagine a world when a disease appears and has 100% fatality. There has been a successful cryogenesis facility made, and a select amount of people is chosen to sleep and wait for a cures. Well then, what happens if this sleep is interrupted and monsters appear. Well then what is the solution then?

Impression: This is the only animated feature chosen for Japan Cuts, and it was a highlight of what I have seen this weekend. I am a bit afraid for these type of movies, so for the parts of blood and gore, such as when the people was eaten or killed, I closed my eyes. I am reading the graphic novel at this time, so I knew what I was getting into, but on the print page is different from the screen. What an interesting turnabout series of events though. The movie is quite different from the graphic novel. So definitely read the series for this movie, to get a more filling picture. The entire series in six volumes is available in English from Tokyopop.

Manga Reviewing Tip List.. via Twitter… Part 2

January 17, 2010 2 comments

Well this is so soon after my first posting on it, with how fast Twitter moved. The tip list increased…. since this is great as a reminder for self, and maybe others.. I decided to continue to put off that one more draft until a little bit…and… the list has so far gotten up to about 19 tips..  ^_^

So let’s go again..

Deb: manga reviewing tip #9 fr. @LostPhrack: read outside your comfort zone to widen your horizons, consider why you like/don’t like diff. things

Deb: manga reviewing tip #10 fr. @hermanos: “be able to talk about what works and what doesn’t in the art, and (hopefully) explain why.”

There is seems to be some discrepancy in the numbering of 10.. so taking the liberty to just correct and alter this numbering. Then it corrects itself in the tweets.

Deb: manga reviewing tip #11 fr @ProfessorBlind: “a good review scratches an itch. Something about the title must motivate you almost an involuntary response.” (This tip had two tweets – Tweet 1, Tweet 2)

Deb: manga reviewing tip #12: if a first volume doesn’t move you, try waiting for the second before reviewing. it might change your mind.

Deb: manga reviewing tip #13 fr. @hisuiRT “the best reviews look at manga in pieces (as single volumes) & holistically (as a series) you should mention all of the indivual pieces & how they work alone as well as a whole.” (This tip also had two tweets –Tweet 1, Tweet 2)

Deb: manga reviewing tip #14 fr. @jeridel: “reviews that are entertaining, & read characters/stories as metaphors are the most memorable.”

Deb: manga reviewing tip #15 fr. @michaelpinto “don’t be afraid to think big and reference art history, classic literature & asian studies”

Deb: manga reviewing tip #16 fr @BradleyCMeek (kinda) “learn to write by reading all kinds of books. take writing classes to hone your skills”

Deb: manga reviewing tip #17 fr. @Quarteni “include info about the creator, their past titles or similar titles & the intended audience in US/JP”

Deb: manga reviewing tip #18: if you use a grading/number scale, establish what each grade/score means, so you can apply it consistently. [Then there was a corollary] If you give everything a high grade, then you’ve rendered your grading system meaningless.

Deb: manga reviewing tip #19 fr @agdeeds “Don’t write assuming I’m a return reader. It doesn’t help me decide about what you’re reviewing now.”

Yep, so with these wisdom and collaborate learning.. it is great to think about what further discussion can come of this list.

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Manga Reviewing Tip List.. via Twitter…

January 16, 2010 4 comments

As I read through other people’s tweets, one of my regular tweet follower is’s Manga Guide Deb Aoki among other manga blogger tweeters (yuricon, magicalemi, ed, per, tiamat’s etc.)

Recently Deb posted on Twitter, an umbrella and discussion posing on what tips are there.  So the focus, of that grain of thought is audience and seeing who is receptive to what you are talking about.

Right now I figure it would be better to list down what Deb Aoki and other relevant tweets actually said, before it gets lost in the crush that is Twitter-verse. This brings to my mind on how tangible new media is, so there should be feedback and discussion on what is tangible like Twitter tweets. Slight warning since I believe the main conversation began a while ago, so I will be listing tweets out of order, but in a relatively readable, recordable format.

I agree with this tweet by @mbeasi earlier, since I usually do the same thing.

Mbeasi: @manga_critic @debaoki @danielle_leigh1 I think the reason having so many sites/reviewers covering the same books is valuable is that…

Mbeasi: @manga_critic @debaoki @danielle_leigh1 there is so much range in style & focus. That’s why I’ll read 5-10 reviews of the same book, y’know?

This part of dialogue began or continued the vein of what Deb’s purpose is as an editor/reader.

Deb: @mbeasi @manga_critic @danielle_leigh now that i’m editing other ppl’s reviews, i ended up asking myself, ‘what makes a review good?’

Deb: @mbeasi @manga_critic @danielle_leigh i find i enjoy reading reviews by writers who inject some personality, unique POV in their prose.

Deb: RT @johannadc “I summed mine up in How to Review post:
(I think this is relevant to @edsizemore, since it is from Comics Worth to be Read)

This is a list of what Deb compiled, and with some suggestions from the rest of us tweeters.

Deb: manga reviewing tip #1: “Did you like it or not? I should have some idea whether it’s worth buying or not after reading your review”

Deb: manga reviewing tip #2: “grab my attention in the first 1-2 paragraphs & give me a reason to keep reading, or I’ll just click away.”

Deb: manga reviewing tip #3: “write like you’re having fun, not writing a term paper.”

Deb: manga reviewing tip #4: “yes, by all means tell me what the story is about — but can you skip the rehash of the entire book?”

Then a pause, while Deb calls for others to chime in.

Deb: i gave 4 “manga reviewing tips” earlier today. anyone else want to share theirs? (to find ’em, search for “manga reviewing tip”) via Twitter Search.

Then back to the list….

Deb: manga reviewing tip #5 from @animevice: you are giving your informed opinion, not coming to a scientific conclusion everyone must agree with.

Deb: manga reviewing tip #6 from @aicnanime: “you don’t need to talk to it, but know manga’s context; its home anthology specifically.”

Deb: manga reviewing tip #7 from @animemiz: “Suggest read-alikes in your review. What type of reader are you?”

Deb: manga reviewing tip #8: remember that not all of your readers may be aware of Japanese/geek lingo, acronyms & in-jokes

So yes this is a continuing list mentions this –

Edsizemore: @debaoki Seriously Deb, you need to put these all together as a post and expand on each a little more. This is too good to leave to twitter.

Before it gets too late, I’ll leave this with Edsizemore’s amusing tweets on the machine that is Twitter.

Edsizemore: @debaoki You could have fooled us. I would hate for all this wisdom to get lost in the twitter archives.

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