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Picking up from 2017

April 17, 2017 Leave a comment

Recently people may have seen that my blog has had some dated entries from my defunct domain animemiz(dot)com. Which I wrote stuff on one time and another. The cost of trying to buy back that domain is actually more trouble than it is worth. So I am considering the time and aspect of grabbing whatever entries I can from wayback machine.

I wanted to at least pick up from 2017. I am not as active on the blogging community as I once was, but I am still keeping up with social media as I can. Due to professional life, I have been unable to keep up with the amount of anime and fandom that there is.

My time spent on de-stressing actually takes up a lot of time. I am what people say that I end up spreading myself in too many directions. I have been wanting to write about things that happened. The last anime series I watched was Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid. I watched Your Name (君の名は) three times in the theater, and the graphic novel that I have been currently reading is Jiro Taniguchi’s Guardians of the Louvre, which I picked up at MoCCA Arts Fest 2017.

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Some updates

August 9, 2013 Leave a comment

Recently, this blog experienced some down time or visitors saw that the domain expired. That was a bit of a hiccup, as the domain did move. Right now this blog is somewhat back on track.

I am continually working on drafts and then some. I am going to be devoting some time to putting up very late entries.. so it is for a peace of mind that I am going to be either putting up updates here or as I recently tried out on my tumblr.

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Oversized Folding with Team OMG Twitter at OUSA 2013

July 9, 2013 Leave a comment

Every year there is an activity with OUSA and that is oversized folding. Oversize folding entails teams of four or more, folding 9 foot of paper from NYCs located Set Shop. Teams were registering two days in advance for the Sunday evening activities. There was no registration at the start of this event, since oversized paper had to be cut, assigned to teams, and transported.

Officially my team was registered as OMG-Twitter, and in the spirit of new technology and suggestion of Sok, we decided to tweet the process while we were folding in the 45 minutes that was allotted for folding. I was able to enlist the assistant from fellow folder and friend, Peter to tweet for my group. He did such a fantastic job!

Here is a roundup of tweets that was done on that Sunday evening for during Origami USA 2013. For those that followed during the time of the event, it was probably a random mess of tweets being poured out. I had to reorder the tweets around, so it makes a coherent story.

#oversize #origamiUSA13 #omgnyc the teams are gathering

— Linda (@animemiz) June 23, 2013

#oversize #origamiUSA13 #omgnyc Barefoot Linda, Catherine, Sandra, & Ray excited to start. Waiting on paper

— Linda (@animemiz) June 24, 2013

The paper were all lined up on the other side of the hall, so people ran for their paper. This is my third year oversized folding. It is advise to be barefoot, and with knee guards!

#oversize #origamiUSA13 #omgnyc Yellow paper getting folded. Pay no attention to anyone or anything folding !

— Linda (@animemiz) June 24, 2013

Teams were everywhere.. it was about 30+ this year. You really cant pay attention to anyone else.. since people either finished folding, or didnt. The paper also got soft in the process of folding.

#oversize #origamiUSA13 #omgnyc A coordinated effort of 4 people folding the same paper. Creasing. Creasing. Squash fold. Then magic — Linda (@animemiz) June 24, 2013

With bone folders or rulers, we attacked the paper. From one sheet of paper it became an amazing form

#oversize #origamiUSA13 #omgnyc Ready, on your mark, get set, GO get your 9 x 9 square of paper. Bump, crash, tackle — Linda (@animemiz) June 24, 2013

Yes in the participants rush. to transport paper over a designated area that we claimed to fold upon.. that hard tile floor.

#oversize #origamiUSA13 #omgnyc many teams already collapsed their creased folds. Were still creasing mountain & valley folds. Shri emcees

— Linda (@animemiz) June 24, 2013

Precision.. precreasing precision precision.. oh whatever fold!!!

#oversize #origamiUSA13 #omgnyc Team OMG Twitter collapses paper to base!

— Linda (@animemiz) June 24, 2013

Some things did happen.

@animemiz: #oversize #origamiUSA13 #omgnyc Team captain kicked by opponent. Still a lot of buzz here.” Kick them back until they see stars — Lorne D (@LorneDTwit) June 24, 2013

A origami pal retweeted this back at me, and I cracked up. Meanwhile presentation begins on the stage

#oversize #origamiUSA13 #omgnyc Luna — Linda (@animemiz) June 24, 2013

Back to us

#oversize #origamiUSA13 #omgnyc almost finished. Last folds.

— Linda (@animemiz) June 24, 2013

Look at them

#oversize #origamiUSA13 #omgnyc teams showing models on stage

— Linda (@animemiz) June 24, 2013

Now back to us. — Linda (@animemiz) June 24, 2013

Look oooh a Sea Ray.. ^_^

#oversize #origamiUSA13 #omgnyc dazzling ray — Linda (@animemiz) June 24, 2013

Now finally us!

#oversize #origamiUSA13 #omgnyc 🙂 Team OMG Twitter. Xmas Star

— Linda (@animemiz) June 24, 2013

This is a Christmas star designed by Klaus-Dieter Ennen.

To all those who follow me. . an origami friend was tweeting as me.. Due to #oversize #origamiusa13

— Linda (@animemiz) June 24, 2013

That was the end of the evening, with my phone nearly drained of battery, and with my official acknowledgement that I got back my mobile device. My team definitely didnt officially win, but in terms of satisfaction, compliments from the judges that included Mark from BOS, Bernie Peyton, Paul, Jill, Huy, and others, it was a great feeling. The prizes of the show, was of course more paper from Aitoh and Jong Ie Nara. Definitely this was a great year with another oversized competition. I wonder how next year would look like?

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Remembering Love: Dr. Slump

May 19, 2013 Leave a comment

I was able to recently purchase for a haggled discount of $9, the entire original 243 episode 1980s Cantonese dubbed Dr. Slump anime dvd set. This seriously represents my early childhood and foray into watching anime in the late 80s. So I was quite happy to re-watch this series in a language I grew up with. My next goal is to be able to re-watch the Dr. Slump movies, since they are quite hysterical. I happened to own the entire Japanese reprinted DVD to this series, but since my current DVD player is not region free, the DVDs are still stored in their boxes.

A brief background to the story, Arale is an android who gets invented by Senbei Norimaki. He passes her off as his human younger sister, as he deals with trying to pursue the lovely blond-haired Midori-sensei at the local primary school.

Of course watching Dr. Slump as a child and as an adult is different. Now as an adult I actually understood what exactly was happening, and connected the Chinese dubbed with Japanese nuances. The plot in this anime is actually quite silly and pervy. It cracks me up as I watched Arale kick Senbei in the gonads. That happens in the first episode. Then as the cast of the Penguin Village diversifies, and more silly antics occur, I mentally lost count of how many times I wanted to smack my forehead at what I was watching on the screen. (Case in example, the episode where a training monk disciple pretty much ended up knocking out all the children of Penguin Village in order to deliver them Christmas presents.)

Still I really cant find any fault with this series. The feelings and happiness I felt watching Arale interact with citizens of Penguin Village fills me with great joy. One of my favorite arcs in the old anime was when Arale meets Obotchaman or as he was initially called Carmel Man 04, or there was another one when the entire town goes after the animated Akira Toriyama as he tries to figure out what to do next with the story line. I didn’t realize this as a child, but yes the characters in Dr. Slump were drawn to know that they were acting along with a manga that was drawn by Toriyama.

Arale’s happiness and crazy yet innocent personality inspires me to want to be like her in some manner. I use her so far as my eternal twitter-icon and background. I truly truly wish that more people know more about this series. I am lucky to say that the entire manga series has been released with Viz, and while the manga is not as lively as the anime itself. Theres a great deal of enjoyment watching this children show.

The Cantonese version didn’t keep the Japanese opening, but one thing to note is that the Chinese dubbed opening to Dr. Slump was performed by the late and great Anita Mui!

Some origami thoughts and notes.

February 16, 2013 Leave a comment

I am going to end up just doing this as a post, since I am trying to think about where to put it all in one subjective spot. I can rely on Evernote, but somehow I just want to collect my notes and thoughts. Recently I have been pretty passive as a folder, though I still have these two cards to send to two friends.

On the O-list, there has been news that British origami folder David Lister passed away. Prior to his death, he has wrote many things about the history of origami, so BOS has created a page with many of his writings. The Lister List.

On top of the Creating Origami book, I got recently. Book wishlist.. I want to get Tom Hulls Project Origami second ed. In ebook there is the paper version I can purchase. I met Tom Hull before, and I would like to take a class with him again. I’ll think about it.

Origami folders, I believe keep notes of their own or websites. Came across this page recently, and I am reminded that there are great people out there. Great page for an essay about diagramming any origami, and an amusing story about folding paper mouses. I like her writing about visually impaired folders as well. Also as a folder, I am always interested to see what solutions other people have to carry paper.. so a display book huh.. I use boxs and cans.. soo. interesting. ^_^

Some food for thoughts from Meenakshi Mukerji about Komiyas Dahlia and variation.

LOL.. this flash game led to a plenty of discussion on the list on how to achieve 100%

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Kinokuniya and Takehiko Inoue…

June 30, 2012 6 comments


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Random plug for Japanese stationary goods.

June 1, 2012 Leave a comment

I have a stash of Japanese pens in my room from when Asahiya Bookstore was still in operation in New York City. When I can indulge or want to look for something to write with, my preference is with using Japanese stationary goods. It also is a good tool to put in a small Origami traveling kit. I discovered that I really like how thin Japanese pens can write. This I never thought could happen, since I always associations thinness with mechanical pencils leads. Still one day reading Ed Sizemore’s review and  tweets, I happen to discover a website, as an online retailer to find Japanese pen and stationary goods. Shipping took the model of Amazon at free shipping after spending $25 of usage. Now isn’t that a good idea?

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MMF: Oishinbo: The Joy of Rice

May 23, 2012 Leave a comment

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