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MMF: Sailor Moon – My Journey

Every fan has a different story or exposure, a definitely entry to go read about why this is such a huge impact is Erica’s article. Sailor Moon has become for me an action heroine that in spite of how her personality is, and of how Japanese woman think what happiness is. I grew up during a time, when I felt that I wasn’t able to see much strong yet pretty characters. Sailor Moon just dug into me, and I tried not to let go as I went on this self-indulgent journey.

My affair with Sailor Moon has been a long 16+ year one, since it was part of my anime background when I was a child. It has been a series that tested my love and wallet time and again. I was initially exposed to this series in an unlikely manner through trading cards. So when people have memories of collecting baseball cards or movie star cards. My response is with Sailor Moon trading cards, and this was imported Japanese ones, starting from when I was about ten. I also recall purchasing Sailor Moon bookmark stickers, and countless packs of bootlegged Sailor Moon playing cards. But my past purchase really is really not the focus of this entry.

Before the show got moved to cable, when DIC still held rights to broadcast Sailor Moon in 1995, my childhood memories involved dragging myself up at an early hour at 6:30 to watch a sailor suited heroine battle through the Negaverse. When re-runs began disrupting my enjoyment of R, I turned my focus on watching the series in Chinese. At that time, I recall the familiar Super S background music being used on Chinese serial dramas at the time. But the reality was I seriously counted my blessings as Chinese dubs ultimately went beyond my experience with watching the first two seasons in English and before the horrible English dub that tested what American censorship willfully did to it. Up to this day I refuse to hear the English dub of Sailor Moon S, and Super S. I have distanced myself from the Chinese dubs as well, but I can still listen and marvel at the various theme songs for the anime series. Sailor Moon S has been my favorite series in the anime, R and S has my favorite movies; this was all experienced in Chinese. Thinking about the anime is very nostalgic for me, though I wouldn’t  necessarily have the time to go back and re-watch.

I didn’t realize that there was a manga series, so when I recalled my first exposure to the Chinese translated manga via volume 12 at Chinatown. I begged for Chinese lessons. It was a hard time trying to read the series with only understanding every other character. I did learn all the kanji for their names though. With the theme of the planets though, it was an easy job and curriculum part to talk about the Solar System.

Though being unable to read the series has set precedence on my real experience with the manga being very half-baked, so you can say that I am deliriously happy with KodanshaUSA. I have an incomplete set of Tokyopop’s version of Sailor Moon, but I have never really liked the series with Usagi being referred to as Bunny. It was in their Minx version that I saw what was being done, so right alongside the issues with the anime; it seriously turned me away from the manga.

With Kodansha though, it is going to allow me to rediscover why I love and how I matured from this series. It has been a challenge for me to read Sailor V volume 1, though I zoomed right through Sailor V volume 2 and Sailor volumes 1-2 easily enough. My eyes glazed over with reading the corny speeches, and I probably cringe at the attack/transformation phrases. This is going to be a series that may be one of the few Shoujo manga I would go gaga over.

Trading cards aside as well, fanfiction rounded out my ingrained love for Sailor Moon. There were fanfiction written that I though were great, to cringe at years later when I realize their grammar was way off. Fanfiction for me though rounded out the alternatives, and what if possibilities. I had enjoyed Lady M. Harris, Sexylyon, Lady, Sonya-chan, and Lilac Summers stories to recall of their alias years after the fact. I was a huge fan of “A Sailor Moon Romance” before its ultimate demise. There is a revival going on, so probably like a lot of other fans hope to see the archive restored. On that site, with my very first online alias of AnimobookM, I can see two of my stories, one of which is going to be a probably an eternal abandoned story of Partings, and the other was my first dabble in crossover writing between Sailor Moon and City Hunter. (I went back to re-read those two..and I seriously cringed.)

At this point I can think of perhaps two more entries that I can write, so while this may or may not be a type of entry to included in the MMF, this is an entry on getting it off my chest for a bit. Other MMF entries can be found summed up by Sean/Toukochan here.

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