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Recapping California 2012 and thinking about public transportation.

So I recently made my first adult cross country trip to CA hitting two places San Francisco and Los Angles. Being from New York, and the East coast. It was a slight culture shock, that made me question how I would survive if I were to move to other parts, other than NYC. Well one thing I know is that if I do move to other cities, there has to be a job purpose. Have not been o lucky on finding a job, so I made do with doing touristy things in SF and LA.

San Francisco I imagine I would be able to do it, if I were to live close to the Bart, and had a car for other places.

Los Angles, I would seriously need to have a car, or have lots of patience, since public transportation is doable for both cities. SF much faster than LA though, since I was able to experience the rail. Bus though was pretty much the same experience…. going on half hour+ rides is not as bearable as it is in high school. Just give me heavy rail.. and I am a happier camper.

It all boils down to knowing how to drive and have a car. If you have drivers license then a slew of other issues come up. (sighs)

Weather in CA would probably beat NYC on a winter period. But as I went there in the Spring, I believe I may have lost out in comparing. I experience my hanami at another place for the second time in my life. I still don’t know the experience of dry heat vs. wet heat.. whatever it is, it is still heat.

In LA it was great to meet the west coast portion of ADallaboutmanga and Ginger from jlhls.

I ended up putting some images that I took with my mom’s point and shoot over on Flickr. So if you happen to enjoy photo dumps.. then see how much love I had for public transportation.

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