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One Piece: Episode 288

Waiting impatiently for the next chapter, to my surprise I was able to get this tonight and as always this is a great episode in a long line of just waiting until the end of this arc when Luffy bashes that bastard, Spandam’s face in. (Ugh.. sometimes I hate Wikipedia…. they’re good in having much information, but too many spoilers… kinda make me wish I didn’t get that spoiled. But to research character names is a must.)

Anyway this episode has many great funny moments. For one thing, as continuing from the last episode, every Mugiwa Pirate split up to find different numbered keys that Cipher Pol is holding. Let’s see a recap of last week’s episode (287), Sanji got defeated by Kalifa, because his chivalry prevented him from kicking a women in the face. Chopper was sent by Sogeking and Zolo after they handcuffed themselves to get more help, of course telling this to the reindeer was when they were chased by the transformed Kaku and Jyabura. Chopper bumped into Nami who stole the key from Kumadori, so then Chopper runs into the kitchen where Franky is fighting Fukurou.

Franky needs more energy in the form of soda..so this is where some funny stuff happens. Oh and Kumadori gets trapped into the refrigerator by Chopper.. so as he is a long winded chracter… as Chopper is helping Franky get more energy, from the fridge. Kumadori is always saying, “Yoyoi.. the door….” “The door…” The door is opening and shutting… hahaha!!!!! I’m quite excited to see next week’s episod where apparenly Zolo has to make do and turns Sogeking into a third sword.


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