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Otome – a word that empowers the female otaku

Taking a foray into some of my feeds, I found this story that has me really wanting to scream, “Take that masculine dominance…” I’m joking though, but the feeling that comes to mind when learning about this word and the implictions that it provides is something tangebile and real. (This entry would see like a drawn out essay of self discovery and implication, so excuse the tangents. )

Now this is an essay that is filled with a self-revaluation, as my role in loving something that drains my pocketbook weekly, daily, mothly, yearly. People have hobbies, and my hobby has for many years centered on the culture of anime. I’m still a fan, although my obsessions have caneered off in another direction.

A direction that for the longest time I thought, was at odds with what the characterization of otaku stands for. I distinctly remember someone actually telling me that an otaku only refers to boys and not females. My fascination had my train of thoughts were.. Gee.. another thing for mom to call me unfeminine for. Having no female version of the otaku, I always with some reluctance thought of myself as an otaku, when in reality there is a growing phenomenon in Japan.

It should have tipped me off, when the countless trips I made to BookOff to stare at the BL doujinshi in High schoo and the many obsessive readings of yaoi or bl fanfiction. I ignored it thinking, this is something that is there, I should pray my good fortune for it to still be there and not be censored out, because of conservative Christian thinking. Later I realize that boys love was becoming quite popular, with the magazines, anime, games and manga. Gravitation, Loveless, Love Mode, Animundi.. etc.

Of course.. this brings me to the term and self-identification of Otome. As I read the cultural definition of the word, it sends a chill up my spine.

Isn’t this prospect exciting?

There’s some great video and more explainations here. It so makes me wish that I can go to Japan.. makes me wish I was rich like Renge in Ouran Host Club. I’ll sooo love it.

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