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One Piece: Episode 296-297

I’m going to be reviewing two episodes in this entry. These two episodes are really good in building up the anticipation for more episodes. Given the fact that I got spoiled by the manga already.. I really want to see what’s going to happen.

One of the only things I didn’t like was how so many times.. as they begin the episodes for One Piece… is that they do a lot of retelling from the last episode.. so that means that there is lesser screen time for the new episode…

In Episode 296, Nami finally defeated that secretary bitch with a lightening lance.. so cool.Then what she did afterwards in trying to find the key was even cooler.. Well they didn’t show any privates.. but in a cat fight.. I so know who I would back. Franky did so too.. I’m starting to get over my shock as to what would happen and I can see the beginnings of a good friendship too. This episode ends with Franky finding Chopper and jumping into the ocean with him. Chopper will go back to his normal cute self!!!!!!



I think I’m starting to get the hang of this screen-shot index thing. Did it by mistake. Oh and the reason that I took this next capture.. was that at the end there was no ED once again, except after the episode preview.. there are these two actors.. I was very surprised to see them. They must be a comic duo… but I did see them on Attention Please with Aya Ueto.

Now for episode 297. In this episode Nami had sent Franky to chase after Robin, after saving Chopper from the ocean. Ussop and Zoro were freed last episode… so now you get to see that cool art with Zoro fighting that Giraffe jerk. Sogeking was hurt from fighting with the Wolf guy.. but Sanji steps in.. so cool! This episode nearly made me tear up a little.. as Nami, Sanji, Zoro are all referring Sogeking as Ussop… yosh….. now I can stop with typing Ussop as Sogeking.. as neat as that is.

We, the audience get to see that the Gate of Justice is opening up slowly, the military is coming with the Buster Call…. Luffy is still fighting that cheetah guy…Zoro fighting the Giraffe guy, Franky chasing, the conductor baasan walking with her granddaughter and an unconscious Chopper. Sanji now takes over the fight with the Wolf man and gives Ussop the task of thinking of a plan to move with all these actions as the episode draws to a close.

I know that possibly in the next episode Nami and Ussop will team up to think of a plan. Chopper might wake up…. also wonder what significance is that pigeon or dove with that Cheetah guy.. I so hope that Luffy beats him down and Franky definitely reaches Robin in time to free her as well.

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