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One Piece: Episode 310

Okay I watch this episode several days ago. Not sure of my feelings in this episode, I didn’t really like it as much as I liked in 309. Some good parts and some parts that actually made me feel nauseous. Nauseous in the fact that people kept saying to jump into the sea.

Quick summary, Luffy’s body cannot move after fighting Rob Lucci, I believe in exhaustion that is. The Marines have turned all their cannon’s onto the tower where Luffy was lying and not surprisingly want to kill Luffy while he’s down.

Then as it was revealed Galley La and Franky Family with the giants had not died. They were hanging off the side of the hill with Galley La ropes. The Marines also destroyed the escape ship that the Mugiwara was planning to use.

The ending of the episode I believe and it was my opinion kinda over the top with each of them jumping into the sea. Going Merry saved them and with a unisex voice, it said it’ll bring them back to the sea of adventures.


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