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Back pain..

7:38AM Tokyo Time 6: 38PM New York Time

Probably going to end up shooting myself in the leg, more times than not. Hearing some comments on on how much time I should look over my posts, before I actually post them. I decided to put the other posts I wrote previously on hold, until I can put pictures up.

Been pretty busy, and probably should take it easy.. as Rai and a couple of people have commented. Yet time ends up occurring, if I am not doing something. So to not waste time..

An annoyance came up though. My back. Recently been having some back pain. I probably sprained it back in New York, and so now it is coming to bite me. Mom said to rest more, and Rai suggestion for going to the conbini and purchasing a shippu, which sounds like a hot/cold patch to me.. I pray that I can figure out some strategy for this acute back pain.
Current remedies I am doing now: trying to rest as much as I can, taking advil, stretching, applying patches that I have in my luggage.

It is raining today, just to clear the fact that yes I did not feel the earthquake that was felt by Moy and other people reported. I surmise that I might have been either at Tokyo Hands or on the train while it happened. >_<

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  1. greenmilktea
    April 2, 2010 at 4:58 pm

    Isn’t there any good therapist in the area that can help you with your back pain?

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